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  1. Sir Humpsalot

    Mango Pale Ale Dilemma

    I did fresh mangoes. 5lbs. I started to get pro at cutting them up. :) I'll mention my sanitizing technique for any who may be interested: I made 2L of starsan, pulled a mango out of the starsan, and dunked another in there as I cut up the previous one. I used a starsanned knife on a starsanned...
  2. Sir Humpsalot

    Mango Pale Ale Dilemma

    An Ale. S-05 Here's my thread... https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f12/critique-my-mango-pale-ale-367414/
  3. Sir Humpsalot

    Using whiskey barrel as secondary questions

    Note, this advice is not from experience. It's just from the reading I've done on the subject of using barrels.... A dried/drying barrel will have to be rehydrated to swell the wood and make a water-tight seal. So that barrel sitting empty is definitely an issue. You could fill it with water...
  4. Sir Humpsalot

    Can i bottle at FG 1.013?

    Well once you finally have that flawless brew day, be sure to post up and we'll be happy to tell you what you screwed up! Brewing is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy the ride. Learn as you go. There's always more to learn. But most importantly, enjoy your beer. :mug:
  5. Sir Humpsalot

    Can i bottle at FG 1.013?

    Do you know what oxidation tastes like? Probably not. That's not an insult, that's a reality check. Let your beer go through its natural paces. Do it right as best you can from here forward. Then taste it, make notes, learn from it. It's not about "ruining a batch". It's about gaining hand-on...
  6. Sir Humpsalot

    partial miniature micro brewery..

    I don't understand why you don't just go all grain. Malt Extract is expensive. Compare grain @ 70 cents / lb to extract at $3/lb. You can buy 4.5lbs of grain for each pound of extract. The cost savings really add up fast if you brew a lot. Also, it's such a small size. Why not get into 5...
  7. Sir Humpsalot

    please explain my og and fg

    Ha! Goes to show you don't know what you are talking about! My Bourbon County Stout clone had an O.G. of 1.127! :cross: j/k. Good explanation there. To the OP: Most kits will be around 1.040 to 1.060 or so for OG. The only exceptions being the strong/expensive/unusual kits such as...
  8. Sir Humpsalot

    Hopps Floating in the bottles

    Or you can stick your racking cane through the carboy cap. Then you can blow into the other opening, creating pressure, which will start your siphon without having to suck on the hose.
  9. Sir Humpsalot

    Using Honey as primer - modification of Palmer's Cinncinati Pale ale

    Nothing wrong with that! But it's more or less the same subtle flavor that you get by adding it to secondary. And given that the sugar content is more variable in honey than in granulated sugars, why deal with that extra variable? What are you gaining by holding back the honey until bottling...
  10. Sir Humpsalot

    First competition results

    I have heard others say that any score above 30 or 35 is potentially a blue-ribbon beer. Just keep entering it in competitions until you get the right mix of judges.
  11. Sir Humpsalot

    Confusion from HBS

    Not trying to knock you down. You are right that you can drink a 5% beer sooner than 8 weeks, and many may even peak a little sooner than that (probably not by much unless it's hop-bursted or a hefeweizen). But I am saying that having brewed several beers at every percentage between 3% and 12%...
  12. Sir Humpsalot

    Confusion from HBS

    Glad you have come around to agreeing with me. :mug: Although it doesn't sound like you have had enough experience with high gravity beers (above 10% or so) to have really noticed a pattern.
  13. Sir Humpsalot

    Confusion from HBS

    I wouldn't even say it comes down to preference. It comes down to a balance of several variables. Some hop heads will want to drink sooner and preserve more hoppiness, some more balanced drinkers will look for the best balance between hoppiness and maturity, still others will prefer to let the...
  14. Sir Humpsalot

    Using Honey as primer - modification of Palmer's Cinncinati Pale ale

    I generally discourage people from priming with honey. There's nothing wrong with it. I've done it myself. BUT... The overall amount is small. It's not going to make a huge difference to flavor. If you are banking on it to make your beer better in one way or another, you could just add it to...
  15. Sir Humpsalot

    Help! Forgot to take my yeast out of the fridge

    Drop the vial into a coffee cup full of room temp water (or just slightly higher... I wouldn't exceed 90*F or so... but that's just a ballpark guess, I don't have data to back up that number). The contents of the vial should be at room temp within 30-60 minutes. The plastic will serve as an...
  16. Sir Humpsalot

    How Important Is Your Choice of Bittering Hops?

    I don't want to say I'm cheap, but sometimes I wonder if it's really necessary to use a whole ounce or two (or three) of low AA hops for bittering. I understand why you want particular hops for flavor and aroma, but when it comes to the bittering (60 or 90 minute) addition, how much difference...
  17. Sir Humpsalot

    Confusion from HBS

    Well if you think your regular ales taste better at 4 or 6 weeks than 8, more power to you. I have already said twice that there is a trade off when it comes to hoppy beers so it is cool that you are now repeating my wisdom. :mug:
  18. Sir Humpsalot

    Confusion from HBS

    Commercial beer like Budweiser doesn't have it because they filter their beer and force-carbonate. Commercial beers like Sierra Nevada don't seem to have it because they wait for, or induce, more of the yeast to fall out of suspension before bottling. If you are getting a ton of yeast in the...
  19. Sir Humpsalot

    Confusion from HBS

    I was referring to 2 months after primary fermentation completes. Haven't you noticed that your last beer is always the best? That's probably why. As I think I mentioned in this thread, Pale Ale are a different story. Actually anything with flavor and aroma hops is a different story because as...