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  1. mullenite

    What are YOU reading?

    Just about to start on "The White Man Will Eat You." Finishing "The Serpent and the Rainbow."
  2. mullenite

    Degree symbol °

    Hold down b on a newer Android phone. Don't remember what it is pre-2.0
  3. mullenite

    Associate degree. job needed. ideas?

    Have you talked to your school Career Counselor?
  4. mullenite

    Rick Sanchez fired from CNN

    I grew up watching Rick Sanchez and by all accounts he has always been a massive tool. While I disagree with what he said in the recordings, I didn't find it offensive at all.
  5. mullenite

    Can you drive like this?

    The first two gymkhana videos were better in my opinion.
  6. mullenite

    how to stop those preview windows on forums

    If you are using FireFox do this: 1) type about:config and when prompted promise to be careful 2) scroll down to "browser.chrome.toolbar_tips" and change the setting to disabled 3) close config tab and enjoy If you use another browser google "disable tooltips [name of browser]"
  7. mullenite

    The future of web design?

    Most browsers people use are, or are close to, standards compliant. HTML5 is a working draft and is not the standard just yet. HTML 4.01/XHTML 1.0/1.1 are the current standards.
  8. mullenite

    Where do you get your tires?

    i order the tires from discount tire direct and then take them somewhere else to be installed, i hate the local discount tire.
  9. mullenite

    R.I.P. Star Gazer (Jack Horkheimer 1938-2010 )

    Got to hear him lecture in college, very informative and very entertaining. Sorry to see him go.
  10. mullenite

    What are YOU reading?

    You should read Fahrenheit 451. I think you would like the antagonist.
  11. mullenite

    What are YOU reading?

    My wife hated The Road so much she told me not to bother reading it. I read a little bit of it and don't see what the fuss is about. I thought it was pretty poorly written. Like you said though, not for everybody.
  12. mullenite

    What are YOU reading?

    My wife is writing a post-apocalyptic novel and it was suggested by a friend of ours that she read it. I look forward to reading it myself. I usually like reading two different books at once and have been on a Bradbury kick lately so I think I might read Something Wicked This Way Comes as well.
  13. mullenite

    What are YOU reading?

    Just finished up The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury last night (one of my all time favorites.) Also finished War by Sebastian Junger a few days ago. Up next is Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.
  14. mullenite

    Post up pics of your sweet rides!

    The carbs were donated from his 2002 project car, which will be getting an M20 swapped in to it eventually. He also has a nice old M5 that he is restoring.
  15. mullenite

    Post up pics of your sweet rides!

    That is really sweet, one of my dream cars. I just gave this car away to a friend of mine as I didn't have any time to work on it any more, it's now the shop car for his shop. 1984 BMW 318i, stock M10B18 converted to a dual carburetor setup. The car is about as light as it can possibly...
  16. mullenite

    Can you afford to buy craft brews?

    I can and I buy them all the time. I picked up a 6-pack of Stone IPA while grocery shopping yesterday, in fact.
  17. mullenite

    Tampa/Orlando Breweries?

    Tampa Bay Brewing and Cigar City are pretty close. Traffic is a nightmare though so don't do it during rush hour unless you go to Cigar City first. Also, there is a Whole Foods and a Total Wine right in front of Cigar City, if they don't have bottles of something there you might be able to...
  18. mullenite

    Tampa/Orlando Breweries?

    http://firkinaround.blogspot.com/2010/07/cigar-city-brewing.html Cigar City just posted this on Facebook, even though I have been to the brewery several times it was still cool to read so I figure it might be of some interest to you.
  19. mullenite

    Tampa/Orlando Breweries?

    Tampa Bay Brewing Co. is fantastic in Ybor City I always make a stop there for a beer and at least some fries (try the fries dipped in the curry sauce.) They have other beers besides whats on the menu written up on a chalk board in the corner to the right of the bar. About 10 minutes away from...
  20. mullenite

    GPS for your car. Who has them??

    You are providing an argument for getting a dedicated GPS. I am providing a counter-argument that it isn't worth the initial cost + map upgrades. Especially if you might be getting a new phone anyway (like the OP is.) My roommate sold his Garmin after getting his droid. His is a paramedic and...