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    Corking Belgians? HELP

    i have been making a lot of belgians lately and would like them to be carbonated to high volumes, but i am loathe to do this in standard beer bottles. I can easily get my hands on plenty of used belgian/new champagne bottles, but despite hours of internet searching i cant seem to which corks...
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    Mixed-Up Keg Fittings

    I made the mistake of taking apart several kegs at once, not even realizing that they had different fittings. Now i am trying to match up all the fittings with their respective kegs, and im having trouble- a friend of mine sent me a pdf that shows three different types of ball-lock keg posts...
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    What to do with berliner weiss?

    i have a berliner weiss kicking butt in the primary right now, and i was wondering how i was going to package it for serving i dont really want to put it in the keg, because i feel like the lactobacillus i added could cause me grief in the future it is supposed to be carbonated to 3.5 to 4...
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    Johnson Controls Thermostat question

    although its claimed that the wiring is quite easy, i still went the easier route and bought the johnson controller if you are in vernon hills, just go to Perfect Brewing on 176 - just about a quarter mile east of milwaukee road- he has the johnson controllers there- save yourself the money on...
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    Carb tabs for a belgian?

    i want to keg my belgian golden strong ale, but i want to bottle a few of them in case i want to turn them in for competition. i bought carb tabs, thinking they would be easier for individual bottles than measuring tiny amounts of sugar the BGSA is supposed to be carbed to 4 volumes- is...
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    Removing labels from beer bottles.

    +1 bucknut i used to soak cases upon cases of sierra nevada bottles to remove the labels now i just throw them in a container of hot, soapy water and use a stiff, nylon-bristled brush that is shaped like a clothes iron tears the labels and the adhesive off in seconds, just a little elbow...
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    What to do with "Old" Ale from a keg

    agreed- Brettanomyces can sometimes use sugars that Saccaromyces cannot, meaning you could have much too much carbonation in the bottle also, recommended minimum time in a primary to see results from Brettanomyces (as far as flavor is concerned) is usually 3-6 months i just introduced Brett to...
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    Help with hardware choices!

    keeping them all at the same pressure is fine, as long as you aren't picky about your carbonation levels. i tried keeping a weizenbock (3 volumes) and an ESB (1.5 volumes) both serving at 7 psi- fine for the ESB but the weizenbock is too flat after a few weeks i would say, if you can afford it...
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    Kegerator Controller Suggestions?

    I'm looking for a controller for my keezer that i can just plug into the cord on the freezer- no wiring Can someone suggest a brand/model to me?
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    kegging/CO2 compatibility

    My little sister works at an Ace hardware and gets a wicked employee discount that goes up the longer she works there i know they both sell and refill CO2 tanks there- if i get a discounted tank from her, will it be compatible with a corny kegging system i get online? will i need just...
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    Corny Keg Questions

    I just bought myself four refurbished (new o-rings) Corny kegs from morebeer.com and have already sanitized and filled them all i dont have a kegging system yet, but figured i could store them in the kegs for the time being so i can stop buying glass carboys every week everyone seems to be...
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    Kegging and Carbonating How-To?

    i had the same question for my LHBS and the guy didnt give me a clear answer- but the impression i get is that if you dont keep it at the carbonating pressure eventually you lose that carbonation
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    Kegging and Carbonating How-To?

    I just got my first four cornies from UPS today, and im excited to keg my first brew problem is, i dont have the equipment to carbonate yet (co2, regulator, tubing, etc)- the reason being, im not sure what to get does anyone have a good how-to on putting together a regulator system and...
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    My First Bottlebombs

    Wrong idea! These bottlebombs were bottled a month ago or so, if not more. But i think that because it was poor attenuation, not overpriming, that caused the bombs, it took longer for the yeast to ferment the beer than just priming sugar
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    My First Bottlebombs

    Somehow, up until this point I have managed not to have any bottle bombs. At around 8 o'clock, I heard the noise- then I saw the beer leaking all over the floor of my bedroom. Later, moving a case full of bottle grenades, the bottle fell out and 8 of them exploded at once, sending glass...