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  1. TeleTwanger

    Beats doing homework

    Beats doing homework...Allen Ginsburg, Beat Poet...I dunno, nevermind.
  2. TeleTwanger

    Beats doing homework

    My Mom's English teacher was Allen Ginsberg's Dad...wait, nevermind.
  3. TeleTwanger

    Selling recipes

    I can't see why someone who brews professionally would buy someone elses recipe...How much would you pay for Anchor's Steam recipe? 2row and Northern brewer hops, that'll be $100 please. :D
  4. TeleTwanger

    Are lagers more "refreshing" than ales?

    The difference is, DRINKABILITY...lol. I'll say this, on a hot ass summer day I aint drinking a 9% Russian Imperial Stout but a lager or a light session ale.
  5. TeleTwanger

    Question about S-04

    The only ale I would use 05 over 04 would be a West Coast APA like Sierra Nevada but, even that I'd rather use the East Coast Ale.
  6. TeleTwanger

    Recipes and Competition question?

    Even the slightest change will make them your own. I almost never follow a recipe to the letter. If it calls for 2.3lbs of 2row I'll get creative and use 2.25lbs.
  7. TeleTwanger

    using a immersion chiller in cold climates

    Oh yeah it works better but I think he's referring to really cold/freezing temps. My hose drains into a lake in my backyard so no worries for me.
  8. TeleTwanger

    First Wort Hops?

    I add them to the kettle right after vorlauf. They way I understand them is that it takes some time for the oils to react and do thier thing that is become more soluble and less susceptible to being boiled off. But Noonan suggests starting the boil as soon as the bottom of the kettle is...
  9. TeleTwanger

    How much irish moss to add to 6 gals

    Its probably better to powder it. All it does is attract positive charged haze-causing proteins in the boil and they later settle out. So it makes sense to me that the finer the particles the more contact it will have with the proteins in solution. You're overthinking such a trivial task, just...
  10. TeleTwanger

    How much irish moss to add to 6 gals

    I've got a book that recommends 10g for 5 gallons and they estimate 1 teaspoon holds 3g of irish moss so 4x3=12g sounds about right. You're better off using whirlfloc though IMO but if your beers come out clear then don't fix what aint broke.
  11. TeleTwanger

    Favorite Beers?

    This is hard! Anchor Porter Lagunitas DogTown Pale Harpoon IPA Victory Hop Devil Chimay White Westmalle Trappist
  12. TeleTwanger

    Mailing Beer

    I've never had someone ask what I'm mailing and I've Ebayed stuff to Japan and Australia where for taxing they want to know how much its worth (I sent a $2000 amp head to Australia that I claimed was $50). I wouldn't put 'Live Yeast in Suspension' or anything that would raise red flags. Just...
  13. TeleTwanger

    Crazy hops picture

    LOL...About 3oz pellets.
  14. TeleTwanger

    Best general purpose hops

    Northern Brewer, Cascade, Simcoe, Challenger, Spalt are all kick-ass dual purpose hops.
  15. TeleTwanger

    Wax Dipping Bottles

    Waxing Bourbon bottles or whatever Im sure is just for looks...I've wax potted a pickup and what that does is help control feedback. I think it would just be a big mess, especially if you plan on reusing the bottle.
  16. TeleTwanger

    Question about S-04

    call me crazy but s04 is ideal for PAs. Ales are supposed to have esters and malt flavor...If you ferment low (64-66) it will be very clean.
  17. TeleTwanger

    American Vs British Pint Glass

    I've heard this is common in Ireland as well. The women get the small glass because it looks better in thier hand or some crap.
  18. TeleTwanger

    Beer Catalog?

    midwest, williams, northern brewer are all good. The best thing about FREE catalogues is that they have a lot of good FREE brewing info in them from hop/grain/yeast descriptons to priming substitutes (midwest) and other tid bits.
  19. TeleTwanger

    Pouring beer

    I don't pour, I decant :drunk:
  20. TeleTwanger

    American Vs British Pint Glass

    wow the Brits are killing in this poll! I thought it would be less of a landslide.