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  1. Passload

    achieving correct temp

    I used a beer program called Beer Smith http://www.beersmith.com
  2. Passload

    achieving correct temp

    At 212F 3 gal of 60F or at 150F 3 gal of 70F should bring it down to around 80F
  3. Passload

    recipe check

    You might need to do a partial mash with the flaked oats.
  4. Passload

    First Beer Brew Suggestions.

    Maybe a nice blond ale, Kölsch, altbier, American amber, or a honey wheat. Some thing in the style of a summer lawnmower beer.
  5. Passload

    The $3.41 Challenge - Lobuck

    Bud, Miller, Coors
  6. Passload

    The $3.41 Challenge - Lobuck

    Is this going to be an ale or a lager? Most newbies and myself do not have the lagering capability.
  7. Passload

    Hops amount question

    I think you less hops. More water equals better utilization of the acids. Hopefully someone with more knowledge will chime in.
  8. Passload

    Keep Refrigerated

    It's fine. They just say to refrigerate because of the hops. Hops keep their alpha acid better when refrigerated. Your kit is fine.
  9. Passload


    Yes the hops and the yeast will settle out with time. Check out this thread, Trub in extract brews & whirlpooling Cheers! Justin
  10. Passload

    fermenter in the dark

    Direct sunlight will interact with the hopps oils, and make the beer taste skunky. Cheers! Justin
  11. Passload

    Flavor Additive Poll

    Where's the poll?:drunk: :confused::D
  12. Passload

    first EVER brew today... hope it's going right

    First off welcome. Can you post a recipe? Is the LME (liquid malt extract) prehopped? Pretty much following the instructions on your first few brews is highly recomended. Edit: I also recomend reading this:How to Brew by John Palmer Cheer! Justin
  13. Passload

    Dry hop ??

    Sometimes the hops just float and never sink. If you think it's ready to bottle then go for it.:mug:
  14. Passload


    I agree with Mr. Turtlehead it's ready for the secondary. I use the 1-2-3 method and it works like a charm.
  15. Passload

    apricot wheat beer

    How much fruit or honey puree do you add to the secondary?
  16. Passload

    Newbie Success

    Welcome and congratulations. Doesn't feel amazing to make something so wounderful.
  17. Passload

    First Brew...did I make a poor choice?

    It sounds like in a seperate pot is where the steeping of the grains will occur. Then it will rest in that pot for thirty minutes. In the mean time start putting clean water into your boiling pot and start the heating process. Add your lme, dme, and hops then pour your steeped grain tea into the...
  18. Passload

    OG too low

    What was the temp when you took your first reading? Was it an extract kit, partical mash or all grain?
  19. Passload

    tasting the beer as it brews?

    Don't worry it will mellow out alot. I do the same thing, taste testing at evey hydro reading. You really get to know the different stages of beer.
  20. Passload

    Did I mess it up?

    Thanks for the quick responses. As far as sanitation, I washed and resanitatized everything for one hour. No drop-sparge next batch.