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  1. lovebrewin

    Kegged brew not spot on yet

    Mixed results? As in mixed carb results or mixed flavor results? I'm not entirely worried about the carbonation I'm just slowly leaning towards favoring natural carb as I think it produces a better beer.. Taste wise that is! So if 4-6g/L is medium carb you would halve that? For a 19L corny...
  2. lovebrewin

    Kegged brew not spot on yet

    I have been kegging for a few months now and I don't reckon the beer tastes quite like what comes from the bottle! What are your thoughts on priming the keg as I think the secondary ferment and natural carb is where my good results have come from rather than carbing with just co2 alone.... Also...
  3. lovebrewin

    Cutting dip tubes

    I had a bad experience with my first kegged brew lol.... I had five pots and 12hrs later was back and forth to the toilet and felt like absolute crap.... I have read that the yeast will do that to you. So I was thinking of shortening the keg dip tube so it doesn't pick up as much of the yeast...
  4. lovebrewin

    Carbing in the keg question???

    Can you just pressurize the keg to say 35psi disconnect the co2 bottle and leave the keg to carb or does it not work like that???
  5. lovebrewin

    Dry hopping in the keg

    Definitely some food for thought!! Thanks for your input ppl greatly appreciated......
  6. lovebrewin

    Dry hopping in the keg

    Do ya just throw the mesh bag with the hops straight in mate or do ya suspend it with dental floss or sum ****?? I was thinking I might just turf it in!!
  7. lovebrewin

    Dry hopping in the keg

    Just looking for a few ideas to beef up the hop of my beer that I have just kegged as its a bit bland!! Just need a few ideas as to how you experienced keggers go about dry hopping in the keg.... Cheers guys!!!
  8. lovebrewin

    Smaller headspace = better carb????

    Thanks for the detailed and informative reply! Appreciated!!!!!
  9. lovebrewin

    Smaller headspace = better carb????

    Does having smaller/less headspace in the bottle make the carbing process more efficient???
  10. lovebrewin

    Bottle conditioning temp

    Just bottled a pale that has Nottingham yeast in it.. Question is should I condition at the same temp I brewed at (with the notts being a cooler yeast I brewed at around 16degC) or should I condition it at a higher temp???