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    New need some help brewing beer

    i would just rack the beer after five days into your carboy. As far as the yeast nutrient that is just kind of an insurance policy for your yeast. It is not totally necessary. I would also rack back into the bucket before I bottle because you will not have as much debris as you would bottleing...
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    Ahhh....my first sip!! Thanks everyone

    woo hoo! aint nothin better!:)
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    FG Reading

    what was your target FG? you dont want to bottle when it is still fermenting because it could result in exploding bottles. 1.003 sounds a little low to me too. i have a book of style and for light lagers your fg can range from 0.998-1.015 depending on the style. so you should be ok. what was in...
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    Easy Partial Mash Brewing (with pics)

    Go to home depot and get a 5 gallon nylon paint stainer bag and that will be more than big enough to do your brew
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    I would not pitch the yeast until it I was ready to put it in the primary fermenter. What you could do , and what Palmer probally meant was before you add water to the boiled wort to get to your 5 gallon mark you can shake the water while it is in the jug before you pour it into the wort. That...
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    feed the yeast!!!!

    I basically used the method outlined in John Palmers book How to Brew. make a starter with about 2 cups of clean water and about a third of a cup DME. itbis a good idea to add a little yeast nutrient as well. boil them for ten min cool to about 80. while it is cooling sanitize your starter jar...
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    feed the yeast!!!!

    Better for what I will pitch that is. When time for pitching comes should i try to pour some of the starter wort off of the yeast before I pitch it? Or possibly do like a mini rackto siphon it off? There are a couple of about 3 cups in one and about four in the other becouse the have been boosted
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    feed the yeast!!!!

    It probally is the same yeast but i wanted to see wich one turned out better.
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    feed the yeast!!!!

    I am making a couple of yeast starters... one from Bells Two Hearted Ale and the other from Bells Pale Ale. They have stared fine and I am wondering when should I "feed" them again? Should I wait till the activity as slowed?, stopped?, or would that be too long? Any input would be greatly...
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    how long before #2?

    Thats why I ask because I am sure that the collective knowlege here is much greater than my instruction sheet. I do want to rack to 2ndary though to free up my glass primary...I will wait a few days though.. and I have the palmer book it is great! but it never hurts to ask
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    how long before #2?

    Thanks llama! you have helped me many times.:)
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    how long before #2?

    I am not any any hurry to rack it I am more concerned with having a good beer:). So I will probally wait. The primary buckets are cheap but you get what you pay for if you ask me. I used one for my first brew and I had tosoak that thing in PBW several times and sterilize so much to get that...
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    how long before #2?

    the main reason I want to rack it is to put somthin else in my 6.5g carboy. I have a 5g glass carboy and a 5g better bottle too so much more room for secondary. Anyway, I should wait till fermentation is done before I rack to secondary? I have some directions that came with my LHBS recipe kit...
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    Stuff in the bottom of my bottles????

    just the yeast they are your friend...without them none of this would be possible....love the yeast!!:mug:
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    how long before #2?

    :)I am having a wonderful fermentation with an amber ale... I plan to rack to a secondary carboy when primary fermentation ends. My question is how do I know for sure primary is over? How long should I wait before I rack? Can I wait too long? You know the typical noob questions I guess. Tanks...
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    Typical Kreusen "Falling Time"

    sounds like you dont have anything to worry about. Just wait a few days take your gravity reading and all will be well.:)
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    my first brew in the glass! (with photos)

    :mug:Congrats!..its a good feelin to drink your own beer.. especially when it actually tastes good!have you started on another batch yet??
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    yeast culturing

    thanks for the link. it was a lot of help:)
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    Fermenter Funk

    Just what I had been wondering.. I had been getting PBW wich works awesome but gets exspensive. I am glad to hear that the oxyclean is a good thing for CLEANING the fermenter with. :)