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  1. danielthemaniel

    Yeast Discs in Starter

    Post stirring
  2. danielthemaniel

    Yeast Discs in Starter

    Good call, I stirred it pretty well and broke apart the majority of the clumps. Looks normal now. Interesting the shape of the clusters. However, I dont think the shape of flocculation warrants any concern.
  3. danielthemaniel

    Yeast Discs in Starter

    I made a yeast starter today using White Labs English Cider Yeast. It has a best by date of 2/17/2021. I checked on the starter about 3 hours into it and saw these weird yeast discs. I've seen yeast flocculate together but the consistency of the discs is intriguing. I know it's probably just...
  4. danielthemaniel

    SS Chronical fermenter - Cooling

    Yup that's how it works. I'd highly recommend using an inkbird with a chest freezer and brew belts. I can ferment (2) 10 gallon batches at a time at separate temperatures. It set me back around $220 for all the equiptment but is well worth it. You can definitely use a jacket that you fill with...
  5. danielthemaniel

    Advice on reusing yeast for a 2nd batch?

    From my research and experience here is my process. When you go to secondary or keg your beer leave just enough beer to cover the yeast cake. It helps if you cold crash before transferring your beer. Swirl the beer and yeast slurry then pour into sanitized mason jars. Make sure to use Mason jars...
  6. danielthemaniel

    Building a starter

    I think you should error on the side of overpitching and purchase the extra yeast packets. Your new yeast calculator predictions sound accurate. If you can do a stir plate that is preferable but not necessary.
  7. danielthemaniel

    Building a starter

    Without knowing your OG and FG I would say that seems high but possible. I brew 10g batches as well and I would highly recommend getting a 5L flask and repitching your yeast. I can usually make 3L starter using yeast I harvested from a previous batch. I dont worry about decanting that amount...
  8. danielthemaniel

    How Active is Too Active?

    It's much easier to underpitch than to overpitch for sure! I think you're fermentation process sounds fine IMHO.
  9. danielthemaniel

    How Active is Too Active?

    It is definitely an extra step and from the sounds of your fermentation, an unnecessary one for you. It's a security blanket for me. I pitch about 1.5L that is decanted into a 40L batch. I've done the same batch with and without a starter and couldn't tell a difference in taste. I think the...
  10. danielthemaniel

    How Active is Too Active?

    That's definitely true. I'm mostly convinced that DME stands for devils messy extract! I typically harvest my yeast and store for up to around 4 months then use a slurry calculator and estimate a proper starter just for the cost savings.
  11. danielthemaniel

    How Active is Too Active?

    I would be more concerned with a lack of active fermentation. After a few generation of reuse, especially with your quick turn around, you will see a healthier, quicker acting yeast. There is really no cause for concern. Your yeast wont be stressed from a quick fermentation. The stress comes...
  12. danielthemaniel

    Yeast starter for reduction of esters

    How do you cool your wort? Can you try to get it below the starting temp of what the yeast calls for so that it limits the time spent at a higher temp? If nothing else you can fill the bath tub up with cold water and ice (frozen 2 liters are great) and set the fermenter in it. You really only...
  13. danielthemaniel

    Yeast starter for reduction of esters

    1. Keep fermentation on the cooler side of the yeasts preferred temp range. 2. Pitch enough yeast that they wont be stressed during fermentation.
  14. danielthemaniel

    Ferm temps

    The phenols and esters are a by product of fermentation. Once fermentation is complete, you dont need to worry about temperature difference. You're good to store it!
  15. danielthemaniel

    Yeast starter with same wort to ferment

    I dont see anything wrong with letting the wort cool for a day with proper sanitation. It's not my preference but I have done it several times in a pinch with no ill effects. As far as using cooled wort for the starter in lieu of DME I think the sugar content would be far less and you would need...
  16. danielthemaniel

    My homebrew tastes like homebrew....

    From my experience and knowledge, which is only a few years of homebrewing, I find that the fermentation temp can very much impact the cleanliness of beer. From my understanding, the higher the fermentation temp, the more phenols and esters are produced which can contribute both desired and...
  17. danielthemaniel

    Pitched Too Warm - no fermentation 24 hrs later

    The only possible harm would be that if the yeast were introduced to a large temperature difference it could stun them and cause a little bit of lag time. Given your scenario I wouldn't sweat it. Sometimes there isn't any airlock activity but the beer will still turn out fine.
  18. danielthemaniel

    Fermentation temp question

    What was your OG and what is the current gravity? How does that compare to what you predicted? The recipe seems fine. I'm personally hesitant to taste just to prevent and contamination issues. The fermenting temp you're at is fine, the yeast will clean up. It may just be young. I'd let it ride...