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  1. Wheat King

    AHS Chocolate Stout

    i just brewed the double chocolate stout kit last night. smelled f'ing great. one thing i noticed is that the brewpot smoked a lot after i added the cocoa powder, as if it were burning. yea, smelled like burning. added some cherries at the very end of the boil and am considering putting in a...
  2. Wheat King

    I've been kicked out of my brewery.

    i love the smell, big surprise. my roommate doesnt seem to mind, even when the sliding glass door gets all fogged up. my gf doesnt mind either.
  3. Wheat King

    pitching yeast too soon???

    cold pitching? sorry i searched around some more and it seems it'll be okay. however, it seems cold pitching gets quicker airlock activity/fermentation, whereas mine isnt going that way...
  4. Wheat King

    pitching yeast too soon???

    I've brewed a few batches already, but have a question based on a potential mistake i made last night. I brewed a Belgian Wit, smelled yummy, but while i was cooling my wort in my bathtub ice bath i realized i had forgotten to remove my liquid yeast from the fridge. so i pulled it out...
  5. Wheat King

    Herbs that can be added to Beer?

    garlic beer...wtf... id dfinitely try it, but i cant say id expect to love it
  6. Wheat King

    Airlock fell into carboy

    i pushed in my bunge (sp?) and it fell into my gingerbread ale primary. i fished for it with sanitized rubber gloves and a spoon for about 20 minutes before i found that little bastard. beer came out great though!!!!
  7. Wheat King


    word, batch 3 was the first i was really happy with. ****en delicious...congratulations
  8. Wheat King

    airlock keeps bubbeling

    dude bubbling is good lol
  9. Wheat King

    S-bubble airlock type

    no, i think it functions the same ;) but i just like things to be exactly how i want them to be...how they look in the picture
  10. Wheat King

    Taste Definitions

    hahah! this hobby rules!
  11. Wheat King

    S-bubble airlock type

    booooooo to the s-type airlock. my water never filled the chambers correctly. no matter how i tapped it or flipped it upside down the water never filled the second chamber.
  12. Wheat King

    help - i cannot syphon for some reason!

    siphoning sucks! ive had plenty of botched attempts in my 4 batches lol next time i mailorder supplies or go to my LHBS im getting an auto siphon. auto siphon ftw!
  13. Wheat King

    Waiting for Christmas or maybe Thanksgiving?

    i'll be bottling mine in a couple weeks. OMG i cant wait, but it looks like i'll be trying them around christmastime
  14. Wheat King

    Life is Good!

    haha, nice. if i was told to choose anythign to do, it just might be to brew
  15. Wheat King

    Plastic vs Glass for primary fermentation?

    i use a plastic bucket for primary, and 6.5 gal glass carboy for secondary. i plan to get a Better Bottle mainly for a 2nd secondary, so i'll have 1 of each option.
  16. Wheat King

    Good Eats: Amber Waves

    bit torrent ftw!!
  17. Wheat King

    first batch help

    youll need to partially fill your tubing with sanitized water to get the siphon started (vaccuum). just a head's up, let the sanitized water flow into an extra cup or bowl or whatnot until the beer starts flowing, then by all means let it do its thing. i accidentally poured a few ounces of...
  18. Wheat King

    first time using secondary...few mistakes & Q's

    B-T-F Iodophor Sanitizer (Odorless - Tasteles or so it says)
  19. Wheat King

    first time using secondary...few mistakes & Q's

    well i racked my Scotch Ale (3rd batch ever) from my primary Ale pale to my new 6.5 gallon Glass Carboy. I made a few mistaks and just wanted some input as to how much, if any impact they should have on my beer. 1.) when i started my siphon, i forgot to clear out all of the sanitized...
  20. Wheat King

    Hop Ball

    why is such a product available if the concensus is quite clearly oposed to using it?