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  1. Rhoobarb

    Moving to Atlanta

    Actually, closer to Milton. Our address is Woodstock, but we are just inside Cherokee County, across the border of Fulton County. I've been to Brew Depot twice already. Brewed my first batch in the new house yesterday. I can see myself getting in a bulk grain group buy in the future.;)
  2. Rhoobarb

    Moving to Atlanta

    Woodstock, GA to be exact. I took a new job in Duluth and will be moving Oct. 21st-22nd. I've lived in the Chicago area since 1973, save for a 2-1/2 year stint in the 1980s back in my birth state of Texas. We're looking forward to the change and lack of snow & ice. I used to call on Atlanta a...
  3. Rhoobarb

    What did Santa bring you for Christmas??

    Two pounds of Willamette leaf hops.
  4. Rhoobarb

    The Person Formerly Known as Pappers

    I went with Pappers_Drunk_Again.:D
  5. Rhoobarb

    Ban Smoking in Bars??

    It's been banned in all public places (that includes coffee houses) here for a couple of years now and personally, I love it. Bars lost some revenue when it first went into effect, but that trend reversed within 2-3 months - maybe b/c non-smokers realized the law had gone into effect! My wife...
  6. Rhoobarb

    My guitar teacher thinks I'm the village idiot.

    If it'll make you feel any better, neither could B.B. King. If you ever watch him play, you'll notice he never plays and sings at the same time. Not that any of you ax-hacks will ever come close to playing like B.B.!:D
  7. Rhoobarb

    my buddy's demon child

    This is one of my BIG personal pet peeves. If you can't control your brats in my personal space, then I'll do the job for you. And it won't be pretty. Whether or not I've ever had kids is not relevant to the argument. Producing kids is nothing unique or special. People have been doing it...
  8. Rhoobarb

    Bands you should like, but don't.

    Umm.... no, they weren't. That would be The Beatles - The Fab Four. Not the Pre-Fab four.
  9. Rhoobarb

    Bands you should like, but don't.

    For me, it's Rush, hands down. Another one I'll toss out - Def Leppard. I should like them b/c they are all about my age, they play AC/DC-style pounding, simplistic music, but they come off as week. And the screaming-in-harmony vocals are awful. BTO could pull of the screaming-in-harmony...
  10. Rhoobarb

    Whats you favorite album cover

    These two from Fotomaker (former members of The Rascals and The Raspberries) I liked to listen to, but not look at the covers. Yeesh!
  11. Rhoobarb

    Whats you favorite album cover

    Okay, seriously - E Pluribus Funk by Grand Funk Railroad. The original vinyl cover back in 1972 when it was released was completely round and covered with a silver film to resemble a 12" coin.
  12. Rhoobarb

    Whats you favorite album cover

    I thought of that one, too. They DID sell it in the States (at least in my area they did) for while b/c I have it! But changed after the Tipper Gore types complained that their kids were bringing it home. Beatles 'White album'. It looks like this:
  13. Rhoobarb

    Stone couldn't have handled this better IMHO

    Oooohhh... somebody's gonna be gettin' sued!:D
  14. Rhoobarb

    Please boycott BP

    This is the PERFECT time to buy up shares of BP. They are at $31.98 as I type this. I stocked up. When this mess gets cleaned up (and it will) and when some other disaster has our interest (and it will) and after Americans have forgotten all about this (and they will) and the Gulf shoreline...
  15. Rhoobarb

    Can murdering neighbors be legalized?

    Agreed. Nothing more needs to be said. 7:30am on a Saturday is far too early. At least wait until 9:00am!:rolleyes:
  16. Rhoobarb

    Lambert's Cafe Sucks

    Lamberts' is great, especially for the cost. Somebody mentioned $10 per plate being expensive? Are you nuts?! You can't even eat at any of the craptacular meals at McDonald's for under $6-8 anymore. The wife and I are looking forward to stopping there on our way back from Texas week after...
  17. Rhoobarb

    Your Millennial score is

    Age 51 / score 10. My wife has a Sh!tfacebook page, I don't see the appeal. I have always thought video games are boring and lower your IQ, but that comes from my first job at the age of 16 being at an Aladdin's Castle video arcade and seeing all the mouthbreathers every day I worked there. I...
  18. Rhoobarb

    ELF best christmas movie.....ever?

    I first saw Home Alone on a flight to LA and it was so headache-inducingly awful, I had to take the headphones off and look away! Sorry. MacAuley Queeerkin cannot act.
  19. Rhoobarb

    ELF best christmas movie.....ever?

    Never saw Elf. Bad Santa was a "once is good enough for me" film. Same with NLCV, mostly b/c it has the most unfunny 'comic actor' in America, Chevy Chase. Didn't like him on SNL back in the day; tolerated him in the otherwise classic Caddyshack. I'm more of a traditionalist. Top 6 'must...
  20. Rhoobarb

    Anyone brewing on Turkey Day?

    Brewing at FermentEd's place on Saturday. We're doing 20 gals. of Deep Chocolate Stout (same as this, but w/out the coffee)!