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    Holy Crap I think I did it

    Yeah its awesome, I've been striving to get to this level where I could honestly sit this batch next to a microbrew and the homebrew wouldn't be clear. What's really sweet is I'm can't wait to improve even further and all the batches up to this point have been really fun also. Great hobby.
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    Holy Crap I think I did it

    http://www.thebrewingnetwork.com/jamil.php Hope that link comes through, just click the subsribe from that page. Or you can open itunes and search on the jamil show and subscribe from there. The podcasts are free and really infomative. Some of the stuff I heard about I already knew but...
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    Holy Crap I think I did it

    Ok so I've been rabidly downloading all of Jamil's podcasts and listening to them in my sleep, driving, and drinking (not at the same time). After going all grain I have tasted the "potential" for my beer to be awesome, but not what I wanted. Basically I gathered three important themes that I...
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    Why not go right to all grain brewing?

    I second that. I started in April of this year doing extract and went allgrain after 2 extracts and 2 partials. Probably have well over 15 brews under my belt including 3 or 4 of my own reciepes. Two of which royally sucked lol, but I learned valuable lessons on every batch. My attitude is...
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    @#$&*%! smack pack...

    you can feel the little bubble inside the packet. Place the pack on the table and hit it like you would a fly. feel the bag and make sure the little bubble is broke.
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    Hot Beer

    Im a beginner also but what was your starting and ending gravity readings. That should give you an idea of your alcohol percentage and whether its just green or out of control wild yeast which has fermented everything into alcohol. One thing is that this is a problem that my brother wishes he...
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    Everyone loves pictures! This and last weekends fun!

    I prefer to shake the carboy for about ten minutes full and then pitch the yeast at the end. I have never had to wait longer than 12 hours for intense fermentation.
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    carboy question

    Yeah if you don't have an airlock and the pail is sealed then the gas will build up and it could blow off the top. I have read in books about how some people brew without sealed fermenters, but that seems super sketchy to me. A 6 gallon food grade bucket or 6 gallon carboy would be a good...
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    Secondary, 3 Weeks in Bottles!?!?

    one reason would be that if its a hefe or beer that isn't supposed to be clear then youre just adding a small amount of risk to infect your beer. Adding to a secondary should only add a week to youre schedule anyway because if you don't go to one, you should still let the beer sit in the...
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    Priming Sugar

    I mixed the 3/4 cup with 3/4 of water and boiled it to make a solution. Maybe it wasn't enough water so the solution was to heavy and didn't mix as well as it should have.
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    Priming Sugar

    I am brewing a belgian white from extract. My starting specific gravity was 1.048 and 9 days in the primary I racked to secondary at 1.012. I let it sit in the secondary for 13 days. I added 3/4 cup of corn sugar for priming in my bottling bucket. I had a little left at the end so I took a...
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    If/When I should add lemon to Wheat Beer

    I never thought about it before, but when i was in Munich they never served lemon in the beer just with the schnitzel. Here its very common.
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    getting a wort chiller!

    the refrigerant tubing is generally more expensive than the soft medium wall tubing. the only difference is that it is comes more clean and has capped ends.
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    getting a wort chiller!

    Looking at the prices of the site you linked you paid twice what the materials are worth. That's typical markup in retail though.
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    getting a wort chiller!

    I'm a beginner also and I made one this past weekend and tried it out. All you need to do is go to home depot and buy some copper tubing. I bought 3/8" coil 50 ft. Copper is so expensive right now I couldn't bring myself to get the 1/2" plus im not sure how much it would matter because in...