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  1. TeleTwanger

    Strike Water Temperature

    Leaving the lid off was just an example of where heat loss isn't accounted for. I'm talking about having the lid off while stirring the mash during normal procedure. I don't strike at 170F and hope the temp comes down that would be silly. Here's the notes on my last 6 batches using the GB...
  2. TeleTwanger

    Strike Water Temperature

    It's an exact science but the process isn't. There's heat lost not accounted for when adding the water, mixing, and having the lid off. If I mix too much the temp drops, not enough and it's too high. All I know is the GB Rackers calculator works for me.
  3. TeleTwanger

    OK to pour hydro samples back into fermenter?

    Is it worth potentially ruining 5 gallons of beer to save 1/2 cup? Not for me...That works out to 32 samples per gallon.
  4. TeleTwanger

    Strike Water Temperature

    Yeah that does seem odd GB Rackers puts it at 169F. I do thinner mashes though at least 1.5qts/lbs and using the rackers formula always gets me dead on (it's almost always 166F to drop to 152F). I don't think any are 'wrong' but each may suit different people.
  5. TeleTwanger

    First Wort Hopping

    Bingo thats how I do it. Replace some aroma/flavor hops with FWH. It's not just for Big IPAs either in fact, I believe FWH is a traditional Lager technique. (Noonan mentions it in his book) I've got a low gravity bitter I'm gonna FWH .25oz styrian gold and then do only late addition hops for...
  6. TeleTwanger

    Strike Water Temperature

    I always use GreenBayRackers calculator and it's always dead on. Trick is knowing your grain temp and pre-heating the tun.
  7. TeleTwanger

    Tips on keeping up temp using Zapap setup

    I started with the zap-pap system, what a PITA drilling all those holes! I think I used towels to keep the temp...My efficiency was always pretty bad, 60-65%. It works well enough.
  8. TeleTwanger

    What are you brewing this weekend?

    I'm making a Bitter 7lbs MO 6oz crystal 60L 6 oz torrified wheat 1 oz black malt .5oz challenger .5oz northdown 60 .25oz challenger .25oz northdown 15 .25oz challenger .25oz northdown 0 west yorkshire ale og 1.043 ibu 34 waddya think? too much hop aroma for a bitter?
  9. TeleTwanger

    Do you mash out?

    I don't mash out and I do fly sparge.
  10. TeleTwanger

    PH 5.2 Buffer

    ^^^My Chem teacher said she tried making wine once and it came out really sour, so she gave up. I hydrate it in water and add it to the grain like the bottle says, 1tbs.
  11. TeleTwanger

    Decoction for a Northen Brown Ale?

    I wouldn't do a decoction with 2-row for reasons already stated, namely what Noonan has to say about it. I'd do a multi step infusion mash with a protein, sacc, and mash out rest to eek every bit of sugar and dextrins out of the grain. That being said I've done several decoction mash-outs with...
  12. TeleTwanger

    "Small" (low-alcohol) beer- anyone tried it?

    Are you referring to the GW recipe that is like 2lbs of molasses boiled and then covered with a horse blanket overnight and bottled? I'm not sure how good that would come out. Maybe this is why Franklin was so into wine lol.
  13. TeleTwanger

    How much do you boil?

    bayou q14 (I think) 7-8 gallons boiling in about 15 minutes.
  14. TeleTwanger

    "Small" (low-alcohol) beer- anyone tried it?

    Yeah considering how much I love their Porter, Steam, and Liberty the small was pretty boring. I know they make it from the second runnings of thier barley wine and I'm pretty sure that is a single malt wort. What I love about session beers is thier complexity and the ability to use several...
  15. TeleTwanger

    "Small" (low-alcohol) beer- anyone tried it?

    the only commercial 'small beer' I ever had was Anchor's and although it's a decent beer I'm not a big fan, too plain for me. But if you want to talk session beers I'm all about some low gravity bitters, specials, and bests with ogs around 1.034-45. Not technically small (party gyle)beers though.
  16. TeleTwanger

    Hops - Leaf or Pellet?

    I almost always use pellets for bittering and plug/whole for aroma.
  17. TeleTwanger

    Help me make a good hoppy beer

    ^^^+1 on aging...I've been drinking my IPA that was bottled 1.5 weeks ago and it has angina causing bitterness that will mellow eventually.
  18. TeleTwanger

    Fly Sparge Question

    don't worry about disturbing the grain bed, in fact I rake the top 1/3 a few times to avoid channeling.
  19. TeleTwanger

    Decoction Mash Video

    Also as explained in the video, by boiling a thick decoction (mostly grain) after the mash sits long enough to disolve most of the enzymes the enzymes are not denatured, they are left in solution in the un-boiled liquor.
  20. TeleTwanger

    Boiling temperature

    Another 'Advocatus Diaboli' back in the day Bass reportedly never boiled hard but rather, simmered their worts for as long as 3 hours.