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    Yeast Harvesting Conical Style

    You folks with conicals: Do you wash your yeast after harvesting, or, do you just let it sit, decant and pitch. (Or store and make a starter before reusing.) I harvested about a gallon and a half from my 15 gallon fermentor. I will let it settle, then decant and consolidate from two...
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    Brewer's yeast at farmers market

    Why spend money and time on a brew you are looking forward to enjoying and serving to your friends and then gamble with the least expensive ingredient?
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    Successful Fermentation Chamber Heat Source

    I have a need to add a heat source to my standard refrigerator I use as a fermentation chamber. I use it with a 15 gallon conical. If I read the above correctly, the refrigerator can be located in very cold areas such as an outbuilding and the heat sources placed within the refrigerator can...
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    Substitute Yeast Strains

    Following this link: http://yeastcalc.com/ will get you to a site that offers you a, "Yeast Strain Guide". That guide offers a great deal of information on various strains of yeast from many companies. It will also indicate substitutions as well.
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    Wyeast 2565 Completion

    I ended up cold crashing it. Next time I brew this one I will place it within my brew schedule so I am not rushed. Unfortunately, I needed my conical to add more styles to my mix. I do like the taste and will enjoy this beer. I want to thank you all for your advice.
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    Wyeast 2565 Completion

    I do not use this yeast very often and if I ever had this as an issue, I no longer remember. Today is October 1, 2013. On 9/17/13 I pitched a Wyeast 2565 starter to a 15 gallon conical. Everything took off well and my temp controlled chamber kept the yeast happy at 62F + or - 3F. I took...
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    Two weeks in, at what point do I repitch?

    Also, if you are fermenting in buckets, many users report little sign of fermentation through the stopper. Rather, the CO 2 leaves via the bucket rim. You may want to research this more. I have no experience with buckets.
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    Two weeks in, at what point do I repitch?

    I brew in westcentral WI. In the summer I ferment in a dedicated frig at around 62F for mid level beer pitching Safale 05 or Nottingham. During the winter I pitch the same yeast to a wort that will maybe get as high as 60F as it sits in my garage. I make good beer but find I must be...
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    whats the off flavor?

    Once I controlled my fermentation temps, not just at pithing but throughout the process, my beer improved as did my confidence in brewing.
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    Safeale 05 working slow

    I like 05. I prefer to ferment in the low 60's and yes, it takes a long time to finish. But I always enjoy the beer.
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    Reusing yeast on a budget

    Wash the yeast from your original brew. Store it well. Then pick up the yeast needed for the next beer and when done fermenting out wash that yeast. You will soon have a nice collection of yeast to choose from.
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    Yeast Starter done wrong

    The only thing I do differently, or, that you did not mention was to decant the beer from the top of the starter. Even if you did not you will be fine. Most people decant to eliminate the possibility of mixing the starter beer with the beer you are brewing. You will be fine.
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    Yeast Starter - Keep in Fridge?

    I would let it finish out completely, then store in a refrigerator. That's what is done with washed yeast and it works.
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    Washing yeast question

    No, don't skip it. Just make sure you create a starter when you want to use it in the future. That is standard procedure for washed yeast in my brewery. Leave the cake under the beer and you should be fine for the day. Probably for two but take care of it as soon as possible.
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    Tried harvesting yeast today

    I would think with four quarts you have a lot of trub yet. Try washing it again taking time to let it settle out. I bet you will begin to see the difference.
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    Dividing a yeast cake and reusing it.

    My original gravity should be 1.053. I am going to take your advice and wash all of the yeast tomorrow. I will then use Mr. Malty and pitch the best rate I can. My goal has always been to make the best beer possible. I appreciate your commentary and thanks for your time.
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    Dividing a yeast cake and reusing it.

    Thanks Nateo I want to use some of the yeast, about 1/2 from one Carboy for a brew tomorrow. The rest will be washed for the future. edit: I see now what you mean. I thought it would be easier rather than washing it all.
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    Dividing a yeast cake and reusing it.

    Although I have harvested and washed yeast many times, I have not pitched to a yeast cake. I find I could do so tomorrow and am asking you to check out my proposed process. 1) I brew ten gallon batches and ferment in two five gallon carboys. 2) I have two carboys each with Safale 05...
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    S-05/WLP001/Wyeast 1056

    Reading this thread I decided to try some 1056. It has been awhile and I have advanced my brewing. I do know, I will not use Nottingham again. At least until I run a cycle of 05 and 1056 and then return to Nottingham as a comparison after I learn, experiment and compare even more.
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    Combining Yeast: From washing & a Starter?

    I ended up with yeast from a starter as well as the same strain that I washed from a primary. As it turns out I ended up pitching a dry yeast. Now, can I simply combine the washed 05 and the 05 built from a starter? I would probably combine, then wash and store in a number of smaller jars.