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  1. kartracer2

    Why not just start with all grain?

    @TheAlien121 , I don't look at extract as just training wheels. I have no qualms that I "could" do AG, I just don't feel I "need" to make that step. Sure, a lot of newbies start with (extract) and move on to bigger and better (?) ways to brew. Some of us still like a quick, no fuss brew day and...
  2. kartracer2

    Why not just start with all grain?

    I look a brewing as 5 basic steps. 1. Equipment Set up / prep 2. Wort prep 3. Boil 4. Fermentation 5. Package Oh yeah I guess 6, ENJOY the above work. There are many branches off each of the above. Extract makes the first 2 less time consuming and arguably less expensive. also less complicated...
  3. kartracer2

    When to step up from Extract to All Grain?

    Brewing with extract now is not like it was years ago when I started. I still use extract using "PLETO". (Partial boil, Late Extract addition, Top Off water. I want to be part of the acronm world too) :cool: I think that one thing that is being pushed is that AG/BIAB "needs" to be a "next...
  4. kartracer2

    Can I use more water at the start?

    Hi all, So what you folks are saying is that even if I could do full boil extract, it would be better to do partial, late addition extract and top off? (we need an acronym, I'm going with "PLETO". Your saw it here first) :ban: I do PLETO now and quite happy with the method but strangely enough...
  5. kartracer2

    Higher FG then expected. Can I bottle?

    Just a thought. While you are waiting a day or two, go ahead and double check your thermometers and hydrometer. Never know, might find an error. Just worth a check. Cheers, :mug: Joel B.
  6. kartracer2

    Why I do secondary fermentation

    OK, I can assure every one, that most of my beers meet the most important judge,,, ME. I am not making beer for any body else. I have no pretense (or daddy goggles as was so eloquently said) that it is the best and could not taste better. But I also have a budget to my beer making. $200...
  7. kartracer2

    extract taste...every time.

    Thoughts from an extract brewer; I think it would be interesting to buy a beer "Kit" in a box and then also buy the exact same as individual ingredients. Then check for dates on said products, brew side by side, might tell us a lot, maybe nothing. That said, I'm sure the big outfits know how...
  8. kartracer2

    Why I do secondary fermentation

    I love these "grab some pop corn, put my feet up and grab a beer" threads. For those keeping score, I don't "secondary" any more,,unless,,. I also am one of the lowly that abuses my beer to a gazillion PPM of O2. I also am not sure I would know if any of my beer has been completely ruined by O2...
  9. kartracer2

    I'm a newbie and I don't know where to start :/

    @mamacym I for got to add that no matter what direction you chose to go,(as in extract, mini-mash,, all grain or variations thereof) keep your first couple of brews simple styles. Get through the basics with , let's say a pale/amber ale "kit" ( kit = most, if not all ingredients in one box). It...
  10. kartracer2

    I'm a newbie and I don't know where to start :/

    @mamacym Welcome ! You made a wise first step by asking questions first. Lots of us just jumped in without doing much research or when we started there wasn't as much material out there. Any of the books mentioned are good ones, I think Charlie P's books are great, lot's of basic stuff in...
  11. kartracer2

    Giveaway for Inkbird Bluetooth bbq Thermometer IBT-4XS with 4 probes!( has ended! )

    Merry Christmas to all, to who ever wins this and to the folks @inkbird . Tis the season for giving. Cheers, :mug: Joel B.
  12. kartracer2

    Marking Bottles Without Labels

    Just a thought, I haven't used them but these might be something to think about. Might be used as a neck band type of deal. Probably could be found on Amazon or other places too.
  13. kartracer2

    Lack of activity

    Welcome! My self, I would wait a week (at least) from when you pitched the yeast. Too early to worry yet as Sammy86 said. Any seal leak will be the place the CO2 escapes rather than the air lock. Cheers, Joel B.
  14. kartracer2


    @stealthfixr In my experience, you used plenty of yeast. I made two 1.080 batches with only 5.5g each. Worked like a champ. Just a thought. Cheers, Joel B.
  15. kartracer2

    Extract brands - favorites?

    @D.B.Moody NP, that news just does not make the headlines like when they (AB-InBev) buy something. Back on topic. I use Briess for both DME & LME if I have the option for no other reason than I feel comfortable with the quality. That said I'm sure any Extract sold today is probably good, age is...
  16. kartracer2

    Extract brands - favorites?

    And have been sold by them to some other investment group awhile back. Cheers, Joel B.
  17. kartracer2

    Any special considerations brewing with Pilsner malt?

    Insert dumb extract brewer question here... Do these factors apply to DME / LME also and need to be treated the same? Why or why not. Thanks Cheers, :mug: , Joel B.
  18. kartracer2

    Bottling Time

    @mjasinski30 Hi and welcome. My self use a bottling bucket with a spigot and use the boiled and cooled priming solution method. I feel it works better as you can adjust your carb levels more to the style of beer you have. It also makes no difference as to bottle size that way. "GENTLY", I...
  19. kartracer2

    Random Drunken Thoughts Thread

    Reminds me of this story,,,
  20. kartracer2

    Will a ferm wrap or brew belt help me with kviek temps

    I have used a home heating pad for back aches and such. Set the Fermonster on a folded towel, held the pad in place as I wrapped another towel (folded length wise) around the FV and then another towel. held them in place with a tie down strap sort of thing around every thing to hold it all...