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  1. JuanKenobi

    Dry hopping in serving keg

    Hey all. First post in a while. In my recent 10 gallon split batch of IPA, I dry hopped half the traditional way in a secondary, but I went for dry hopping directly in the serving keg for the other half. I did some forum searching, and found that people have had success with dry hops in the...
  2. JuanKenobi

    12-12-12 Wee Heavy Swap and Critique Thread

    Found a bottle in the back of the fridge tonight. I think it was MDVDuber's. Not sure though.
  3. JuanKenobi

    The Brew Stand Incredible Giveaway

    In. Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  4. JuanKenobi

    HomeBrewTalk 2014 Big Giveaway

    In there!
  5. JuanKenobi

    12-12-12 Wee Heavy Swap and Critique Thread

    Was it in a Sierra Nevada bottle? I think that's mine. I think I last tried one a few months ago. It's amazing how well it stands up over time. The club my fiend attends is doing Wee Heavy for their fall comp this year and I'm going to submit it. Can't wait to see what they think after almost...
  6. JuanKenobi

    HomeBrewTalk 2013 Big Giveaway!

    I'm in.
  7. JuanKenobi

    Zelda themed beer names

    There's a million great Zelda references in this thread already, but I just have to say, "Vanilla's Brand New Invention". Bravo.
  8. JuanKenobi

    12-12-12 Wee Heavy Swap and Critique Thread

    I just checked my notes, and apparently I didn't do so well with note taking on bottling day. I'm pretty sure I targeted 2 volumes. I'm quite happy with the carbonation in this beer. I was afraid that I'd killed he EC-1118 I used for conditioning and it was going to stay flat, but it actually...
  9. JuanKenobi

    Is this possible??!

    I use an SP-10, but basically the same idea. The trick is to blast it up to temp, and then dial it way down. I keep my boil rocking with the gas turned down very low. I lose about 1gal/hour in a 10 gallon Bayou Classic 10 gallon kettle average. My guess is that you had higher than...
  10. JuanKenobi

    12-12-12 Wee Heavy Swap and Critique Thread

    Glad you liked the Shed. I just picked it off the shelf because I'd never seen it and was happy with it. Figured they were pretty small and didn't have a big distribution. Turns out a brewer friend of mine knows the founder! Apologies on the six pack thing to my peeps. I sent four, but at least...
  11. JuanKenobi

    12-12-12 Wee Heavy Recipe Formulation

    Mine is the simple grain bill. 20# MO, not sure exactly how much RB I used, but it was somewhere in the 3-5 oz range. 2% I think. EDIT: Oops, scratch that. Forgot I used Golden Promise. 20# Golden Promise, 6oz. Roasted Barley.
  12. JuanKenobi

    12-12-12 Wee Heavy Recipe Formulation

    Just popped my first tester after a month in bottles. Hallelujah! Nice soft carbonation. Feeling much better about it and looking forward to the swap now.
  13. JuanKenobi

    12-12-12 Wee Heavy Recipe Formulation

    Bottled on Sunday. Had an issue with the champagne yeast. I think I shocked it maybe when I added it. It was all sitting at the bottom of the bottling bucket. I think impatience got the best of me as I didn't wait for it froth up in the priming solution. Ended up adding a few grains to each...
  14. JuanKenobi

    BrewHardware Giveaway!

    In there!