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  1. Laurel

    Partigyle - Imperial & Dry Irish stout?

    I'm interested in doing a dual-beer day, and it seems as though this may be an easier way of doing this. I'd like to make an imperial stout (and intend to eventually rack it on top of bourbon soaked oak cubes) and a dry irish stout. The fun part is that I have historically bad luck at putting...
  2. Laurel

    Sour beer newb

    Hello Folks! I used to post here often, but after buying a house and having a couple tries at all-grain(upgraded my setup right before buying the house - I figured that beer equip would be a low priority after we closed) flop, I kind of lost interest in brewing. A good friend is interested in...
  3. Laurel

    How many kegs should a 5lb tank of beergas mixture be able to serve?

    I vaguely remember reading something about the nitro/co2 mixture being in gas state instead of liquid state so it doesn't hold as much, but I can't remember much past that. We've served about 1/2 of a 5 gallon cornelius keg with this 5lb cylinder and it's already empty. Am I missing...
  4. Laurel

    back from the dead and brewcasting

    I've been busy with a new job and more projects than I know what to do with. I decided to put them on hold for the day and make a brown ale. I'd love for you to come join me on my second attempt at all-grain. I'm brewcasting, and I have a nice fir tree as a background. It's very pretty. Come...
  5. Laurel

    Killing yeast, will it help?

    I'm planning on having a group of people over in a few weeks with digestive tracts unaccustomed to live yeast. Now we all know the result of such digestive tracts combined with homebrew. If I were to kill the yeast somehow, would the dead yeast wreak the same havoc on my home's atmosphere as...
  6. Laurel

    Hard Lemonade question - yeast additives

    So I want to make a hard lemonade. My intended recipe is: 11 cans lemonade concentrate 6.5 lbs sugar 1lb dme a little pomegranate juice for color/flavor Water to 5 gallons cote des blanc I understand that I need to spend about a week stepping up a starter in terms of acidity and...
  7. Laurel

    I made sausage over the weekend

    And I'm feeling a little queasy. Click link for the whole story. Home in Disarray: Sausage
  8. Laurel

    Apology for the prank

    Sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings. Evil thought it would be funny and I was more than happy to go along with it, figuring that everyone would get that it's an April Fools joke. I was incorrect and I know that some people got upset about it. I want no ill will and hope that the ones that were...
  9. Laurel

    Mozzarella and LasagnaCasting

    I'll be doing it shortly. Link to follow once it's up and running.
  10. Laurel

    Evil has been in [an unfortunate attempt at April 1 humor] car accident.

    This was emailed to me some time last night. Hello there. I'm writing this note because something happened last night and I'm letting all his online friends know about it. Jesse was on his way to work, and as he was turning left at the Lloyd Center a drunk driver ran the light and t-boned...
  11. Laurel

    Chicken BLTAs, a 20 minute dinner

    Home in Disarray: Chicken BLTAs and Guinness
  12. Laurel

    Tortilla Soup

    Home in Disarray: Tortilla Soup
  13. Laurel

    Southwest style hamburger with chipotle ranch fries and irish coffee cupcakes

    Home in Disarray: Southwest Hamburgers from Scratch with Chipotle Ranch fries and Irish Coffee Cupcakes
  14. Laurel

    I have a 9lb pork shoulder in the oven...

    ...rubbed with all sorts of holy things, in my 29lb cast iron dutch oven with a couple cups of white wine. I'm gonna have tasty shredded butt taco things with pico de gallo, guac, and sour cream tonight. Leftovers will be pork enchiladas and bbq pork sammiches.:ban: I'm SO excited!!!!:o
  15. Laurel

    ****ing Moles!!!!

    We just bought our house a few months ago and I've recently begun attacking the ignored and overgrown landscape. I was out cutting stuff back the other day when I came across mole tunnels and hills! They weren't there when we bought the house, but they're there now! I want these puppies...
  16. Laurel

    Spare ribs, cheddar biscuits and corn on the cob!

    Paired with a nice pale ale. I don't have a smoker and lost my wood chips in our move, plus my grill's almost out of propane. I did these guys in the oven for a few hours and they turned out OK, but not nearly as good as when they've been smoked. Oh well, still tasty!
  17. Laurel

    Seattle Area homebrew club?

    There are about 5 in the area that I've found online but only a select few even have websites. I'd like to be able to go to meetings and interact with real brewing people locally but I'm not sure how to gather information regarding these clubs or what ones are "the best." Does anyone have any...
  18. Laurel

    What things are you snobby about now that you weren't 5 years ago?

    You know, stuff that you got interested in, either making or using? *Beer - I used to thing that Pacifico and Negro Modelo were "good" beers *Coffee - I'm working on it. I can still drink Denny's coffee but I much prefer a cup brewed with my French Press of Moka pot. *Knives - I had never...
  19. Laurel

    Biscotticasting again today!

    I'm trying out another 2 recipes for biscotti this morning. My dad's wife's, and a combination of the two that my dad gave me last month. I'm not casting yet, it's not even 6 here. I need to dry my hair and put some makeup on, then I'll make a post and start up the channel. Won't you...