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  1. tellish33

    Hard Root Beer recipe

    I just made this tonight. Its already going nuts. I used the 1 gallon recipe but I made it in a 5 gallon bucket. Do you think its safe in a 5 gallon bucket or should I still use a blow off tube?
  2. tellish33

    Hard Root Beer recipe

    I might bottle in easy cap bottles for a week or so then fridge em. Not crazy about plastic bottles. I might even try smaller champagne bottles. Let us know if a week is good for carbing.
  3. tellish33

    Hard Root Beer recipe

    That's awesome. I'm going to make this this weekend. Just picked everything up at LHBS. You dont think thats too much sugar at bottling do you? Wont to much sugar cause a high enough carbonation to cause bottle bombs? Maybe not, just curious.
  4. tellish33

    questions about hefe-weisse recipe

    This is my dads favorite beer. I was wandering a few things. What's a good extract recipe guideline to go by and is this a special ferment beer (do you ferment cold or normal temps)? Thanks in advance.
  5. tellish33

    need HELP with my breakfast stout

    The directions arent as detailed as when you buy a kit. Sorry for all the questions but I want this to turn out really good and I figuered you guys were the best to help.The recipe says to add the Sumatran coffee and two chocolate varieties (dark,bittersweet bakers chocolate and unsweetened...
  6. tellish33

    Founders Breakfast Stout clone questions

    Thx a lot for the help!
  7. tellish33

    Founders Breakfast Stout clone questions

    Here are my ingredients. Some are close but not exactly what they called for in the book. 6.6 lbs Briess light, unhopped, malt extract 1.7 lbs Briess Golden Light DME 22 oz. flaked oats 1 lb Briess Chocolate Malt (350L) 12 oz. Weyermann Roasted Barley (435L) 9 oz. Castle de-bittered...
  8. tellish33

    Questions about an Old Ale recipe

    I found an Old Ale recipe that I was thinking about making. This would be my third brew. I'm not up on how to mess with the ingredients yet. The recipe calls for 6 lbs of gold LME. I want to use a dry ME. Do they make a gold DME? And does 6lbs of gold LME translate to 6 lbs of DME? It also...
  9. tellish33

    Chocolate stout

    I have not tried Youngs. I'd be interested in the extract double chocolate stout. Thx.
  10. tellish33

    Chocolate stout

    I had a Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout and a Founders Breakfast Stout the other day. GREAT beers. I was wondering if there is some type of recipe out there that is some what close to these?