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  1. Apimyces

    Onion beer

    I've searched a bit, and I don't think the topic has been covered. There's some threads about hop-derived onion aroma, about pairing cheeses with onions, about lactofermenting onions... but not about onion beer/wine. Has anyone here done it? I wouldn't expect it to be really pleasant to drink...
  2. Apimyces

    Session IPA

    I'm looking for some tips elaborating a session IPA. Or Session APA, or EPA, or pale ale, or however one wants to call it (google-fu seems to suggest some controversies ;)). I've looked through google and the search engine here, but with mitigated results. For of all, to describe what I'm...
  3. Apimyces

    Chilling the lines and faucets

    What are generally considered good (or best) ways to get a good pour with minimum waste, assuming the faucets are about 10 feet from the keezer (from basement to main floor, mostly vertical)? I was thinking of recirculating water (or a solution of) through an insulated pipe along with the draft...
  4. Apimyces

    Ceramic stove-top weight limits

    I've got a glass ceramic electric range, and I've read here and there about those being more fragile and to be careful about the weight put on them. My model is jcb840dk1ww, but the manual says absolutely nothing on how much weight I could or shouldn't put on it. I've been using spare regular...
  5. Apimyces

    Costs of ingredients

    As a rule of thumb, I try to keep my recipes below the cost of what I could simply buy. Though I love experimentation, there's so many things I can make myself, I try to at least save a little when I put the time/risk in making things myself. This brought me to experiment a bit in BeerSmith...
  6. Apimyces

    Malolactic fermentation and acids

    Hi, I'm looking into experimenting further with malolactic bacteria (Oenococcus oeni, mostly). It's often reduced to "turns tart malic acid into a more mellow lactic acid", but these little buggers do so, so much more. More example, We tried them in mead, made with nothing but honey and pollen...
  7. Apimyces

    Hop Seed Trade

    Well, it's hop seed harvest month! I know a bunch of us here do hop crosses, so let's see what everyone has to trade? For 2018, I have open pollinated seeds from a few local lupuloides accessions, from a few of my own crosses, and from Nugget, Brewer's Gold, and US Saazer.
  8. Apimyces

    Red Earth Hops: Red Cones!

    Does anyone have any of these? Just came across red-coned hops... interesting...
  9. Apimyces

    Humulus lupulus pubescens

    Would anyone happen to live in its distribution range and have access to seeds from this subspecies? Here's a link to the map: http://www.efloras.org/object_page.aspx?object_id=6284&flora_id=1 2c. Humulus lupulus var. pubescens E. Small, Syst. Bot. 3: 63. 1978. Stems relatively pubescent at...
  10. Apimyces

    Hops (by R.A. Neve)

    By the previews I had access to, looks like a pretty frigging awesome book. Here's the link: http://www.springer.com/us/book/9789401053754#otherversion=9789401131063 And I just got an email with the following deal: all eBooks for 20$*! Promo code: SPRHOLIDAY17 From my messing around, looks...
  11. Apimyces

    Dry hopping: keg vs carboy

    It just occured to me that CO2 extraction is one of the methods to obtaining hop extract, and that in the keg, we've got precisely more CO2, more pressure, and an air-tight seal compared to in a carboy. But I don't have enough brewing experience to know if it makes a difference. So what fo you...
  12. Apimyces

    Canadian Hop Import

    Anybody in Quebec who would like some hops not typically found on the domestic market, give me a shot. We are looking at importing some, grouping up allows us to divide the various import costs.
  13. Apimyces

    Quince Wine

    Hi, I've got my first harvest of quince (Chaenomeles japonica) this year, about 13kg. I've never even tasted the fruit, like the shrub and figured I would try and see what I could do with the fruit, knowing they do a lot with it in the baltic states. Cut them up, removed seeds, and passed...
  14. Apimyces

    DIY Hop Trellis

    I've used the search function, and found a bunch of trellis ideas, but it's mostly all people proudly showing off what they've just built, and gives no idea if those concepts were durable or not. I've got a bunch of temporary solutions for my hops right now, but I'm looking to make something...
  15. Apimyces

    Growing Hops in Pots

    Now, hardly a novel idea. I'm looking for input from those who have been doing it. I'm growing many plants in pots, themselves partially dug into the ground, but they are still young and thus I can't tell how viable a solution this is. The advantages I'm seeing to partly entrenched pots are: as...
  16. Apimyces

    Hop Pollination

    So... when exactly do female flowers get pollinated, and when do seeds form? Should one be able to feel the seeds by pressing a ripe cone between one's finger? What's the protocol to collect pollen for manual fertilization? I've got a male by my females, but I'm starting to doubt if he did...
  17. Apimyces

    Diagnose those hops!

    Figured I'd start a dedicated thread for this. I've got a bunch of hops. 1x Brewer's Gold, 1x Nugget, 1x Saaz, 1x Tettnanger, 2x Perle, 2x Sorachi Ace, 2x Glacier, and maybe 15 or so wild hops (including at least one confirmed male). I have spotted a lot of small spiders on the leaves, but...
  18. Apimyces

    Grafting hops on cannabis

    Has anyone tried it? No, it won't make the hops psychoactive, but I'm curious as to what other effects it might have on the hops, such as growth rate, flowering, yield, etc. Some states allow people to grow their own cannabis and Canada is going to within a year or so, so I'm curious. Grafting...
  19. Apimyces

    Ontario/Québec Hop growers and breeders

    I started growing hops from seeds last year and should start getting my first batch of cones (and seeds) this year. I know there's at least one other home hop breeder in Québec which I started trading with, wondering if anyone else is growing hops from seeds (or wild hops) in the general area...
  20. Apimyces

    Elderberry Wine

    Has anyone got any experience making elderberry wine, in particular, elderberry wine made with nothing but elderberries and yeast, without any added water, sugars, or other fruits or sweeteners. The thought of adding water, and then sugar to compensate, appalls me. But that's what every...