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  1. kartracer2

    Punctured package of dry yeast! Help please, ASAP!

    I was going to brew up a batch of beer today. When I'm setting out the supplies I noticed that that the package of Lallermand Kolch yeast has a hole poked in it. I have no idea when it happened. It might have been that way when I got or when I got it out today. It has been in my fridge in a...
  2. kartracer2

    Any body re-cone / replace the foam surround on a Hi-Fi speaker?

    Any of you Hi-Fi folks out there replace the rotted foam on speakers? I was given a pair of Bose 301's but the foam surround on the bass drivers are "gone". Found a place to get kits to fix them but is it worth it? https://www.simplyspeakers.com/bose-speaker-foam-edge-repair-kit-fsk-8.html...
  3. kartracer2

    Another stupid BS question, Last Ver that works on Win XP 32 bit?

    I hate to be a pain butt the BeerSmith site is worthless as to trying to find the last version that works on Win XP, I have trial Ver.2.2.13. (not yet purchased pending having the latest I can use). It talks about ver 2.3 but doesn't say if it is 32 bit XP compatible. Do I have to buy 2.2.13...
  4. kartracer2

    Brew Smith `stupid noobe question #?

    I'm evaluating BS 2, (not enough computer for ver3). Why do I have calendar listings for 3 brews but only have brewed 1? There is no brew log file/folder in "my recipies" so why did they go to the calendar?. How do I remove said rouge recipies? TIA. Joel B.
  5. kartracer2

    Beersmith Equip. profile for extract setup

    I guess i am dense,stupid of maybe just missing something.:rolleyes: I am using Beersmith 2.2.13 trial to see if's something useful to "me" before I buy it. (as do I really need it as an extract brewer) but i have some questions. 1. I'm not sure how to set up the equipment profiles. I brew with...
  6. kartracer2

    ABV Chart

    There might be some thing like this in the forums here but I have yet to see it. I stumbled found it on Pintrest and thought I would share it. Some of you old hats might be able to just look at OG & FG and figure the ABV quickly in your head. For some of us mere mortals this chart would be...
  7. kartracer2

    Granite City Closing some locations

    Not really a lot of info in the story. I'm looking for more. Any body else know anything? Joel B. EDIT> I guess this has been in the works for a while. Guess I need to get out from under my rock once in a while,,,,