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  1. JuanKenobi

    Dry hopping in serving keg

    Hey all. First post in a while. In my recent 10 gallon split batch of IPA, I dry hopped half the traditional way in a secondary, but I went for dry hopping directly in the serving keg for the other half. I did some forum searching, and found that people have had success with dry hops in the...
  2. JuanKenobi

    What would you brew?

    Decided earlier that I could sneak a brew session in tomorrow if I get up early, but I can't figure out what I want to brew. All the brews I have planned need starters, and I wouldn't have time to build a proper one, but I do have some dry yeast on hand. So, here's the gist of my options...
  3. JuanKenobi

    Partigyle IPA Experiment

    I got on to this idea after reading this thread lead me to the idea of doing a partigyle DIPA and re-using the late addition hops from the big beer to hop the small beer(s). I started working up a 2 batch grain bill, but I feel the small beer is too small to utilize the amount of hops that...
  4. JuanKenobi

    New Kettle Advice

    I'm looking for some input on a new kettle. I was intending on getting a 20 gallon blingmann this year, but it is an extravagance that I simply cant afford at this juncture. Right now I am boiling in a 36qt Bayou Classic, which is adequate for the 5.5 gallon batches that I do. I am looking to...
  5. JuanKenobi

    Another BIAB tannin extraction thread

    I recently found myself with a very rare day off and decided that I had to brew a batch for the pipeline's sake. To keep things simple I decided to BIAB. I knew things wouldn't be very predictable as this was my first true BIAB and I bought the grain from a local brewery pre-crushed rather than...
  6. JuanKenobi

    Undetectable leak?

    So I have a keg of stout that has been on gas for 27 days at ~10psi (serving pressure) that is just not properly carbed. It is carbonated, but just barely, and not at all like a bitter that is on the same regulator. Yesterday I pulled the keg out (without disconnecting anything), and leak tested...
  7. JuanKenobi

    Lager pitching rates

    I'm brewing a maibock, but I don't have true lagering capability. So, I'm using Wyeast 2112 and will be fermenting around 60 degrees. I'll be making a starter according to Mr. Malty, and I'm wondering if I need to use lager or ale pitching rates. Would love some experienced advice.
  8. JuanKenobi

    Beers to look for in FL panhandle

    I'm on vacation in Destin, FL. I'm here from MA and wondering what I should be looking out for that I can't get at home. I'm currently enjoying a Bell's Two Hearted and was happily surprised to find my namesake (Oberon) available year round. I knew to look out for Bell's but don't know what else...
  9. JuanKenobi

    Smack Pack Question

    I have 2 smack packs that have been out of the fridge for since about 2 pm and are nice and bloated. I was planning on making starters with both, but got called away by an emergency. It's now 12:15 am and would love to put off making the starters until morning. So, the question is, what do I...
  10. JuanKenobi

    Flameout additions in hop bag

    I recently started using the nylon-bag-hanging-from-pvc-fitting dealy for hop additions during the boil. I was wondering how people who use a similar technique deal with flameout additions. How long do you wait before removing the hop bag?
  11. JuanKenobi

    La Fin du Monde

    I recently had my beer loving uncle over for dinner, and after sampling my most recent DIPA, we got to talking beer of course. He highly recmmended La Fin du Monde. I got around to trying it tonight amongst bottling and transferring. As I bottled my hefe I wondered how the HBT community would...
  12. JuanKenobi

    Spontaneous Satellite Fermentation

    I left my OG sample on the counter last night and today it looks like this: It looks like a normal fermentation to me. The sample was definitely taken before I pitched. Could there have been yeast hiding in my thief or test cylinder from a previous sample? I doubt the thief as it was...
  13. JuanKenobi

    LHBS Startup

    I'm wondering what the start-up costs for an LHBS might be. It's just a thought that's been stuck in the back of my head for a while. I work a seasonal job and have a lot of off time in the winter. Also, I live on an island (that you have to take a boat to get to) and pretty much everything...
  14. JuanKenobi

    SS Minow Blues

    So I had a bunch of my beer appreciating friends over for National Homebrew Day and brewed a 5 gal batch of the SS Minnow Dark Mild from the Big Brew recipe list while they drank all my homebrew. Good times had by all. Fast-forward a bit. I almost forgot about the fermenter in the closet as...
  15. JuanKenobi

    Dry Hopping Double IPA

    I've got my first big beer finishing up primary. Just want to share the recipe and get some comments before transferring to dry hop. I threw this together based on some other recipes and tweaked it to use the ingredients I had on hand. I used the brew-in-a-bag method (gotta motivate to...
  16. JuanKenobi

    Cleaning Gas-Side Kegerator Parts

    So I just finished upgrading my kegerator to four taps. I sanitized all my new beer and air lines. But, I didn't even think about cleaning or sanitizing the new CO2 distribution block until after I hooked everything back up. I'm not sure how I would even clean it if I tried. Does anyone...
  17. JuanKenobi

    I've got rust in my brew pot

    Anyone know how I can remove this stuff without steel wool? I stupidly left 2 empty LME cans in my brew pot and they left rings of rust.
  18. JuanKenobi

    Munton's LME

    I recently moved and with the move I decided that I needed to get a REAL pipeline going to avoid the VERY high price of beer where I now live. So, I decided to order some bulk extract. My everyday brews are usually pretty simple (bitters, stouts, browns). So, 33lb. Munton's LME is the cheapest...
  19. JuanKenobi

    Wierd color during boil

    I made a starter earlier tonight and ran into something I've never seen before. After the initial foam settled down and the boil was stable, the remaining foam turned to a charcoally color and some similar colored gunk (similar to hop pellet residue but drier) got stuck on the sides of the pot...
  20. JuanKenobi

    Pressure sealing/purging at kegging time

    When I transfer from primary/secondary to keg, I like to age for a while in the cellar (50 - 60*F about 52 now) before carbonating/chilling. I like the idea of pressurizing to guarantee a good seal. So, since the CO2 is heavier than the air I should be able to purge the air just by bleeding it...