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  1. SpikeBrewing

    Spike Cyber Monday Sale Announcement - Save 20%!

    Once a year we do a Cyber Monday sale where we discount on of our major products. Two years ago it was kettles, last year it was the Flex and this year it's our Solo! This has been one of our most popular new products to date and we're extremely excited that we're able to offer this product at a...
  2. SpikeBrewing

    Spike - Steam Condenser Lid

    We are extremely excited to announce the upcoming release of our new steam condenser lids! We've had a few people ask what a steam condensing lid is and what the advantages are so we'll talk about them a little more. We hope this thread can spark some discussion around the concept. We're happy...
  3. SpikeBrewing

    SPIKE Bargain Cave updated - Save up to 20%

    Still looking to make upgrades to your brewing setup, but find yourself working with a smaller budget these days? Our production team just loaded up our Bargain Cave with some great deals—make sure you check it out before they are gone. Click the link below to see what we added...
  4. SpikeBrewing

    Wisconsin Sold

  5. SpikeBrewing

    Spike's New Commercial Nano System

    Fellow brewers, we wanted to start a thread here to share some news and to also create an open dialogue for our new Spike Nano System. First, we wanted to share that we have opened up a pre-sale for our new Nano System. The pre-sale will be open until the launch date (early September) and gives...
  6. SpikeBrewing

    New and improved 2” sight glass

    The Spike engineers have answered your concerns on the 2” Sight Glass and redesigned it for your ease of use. With only 5 pieces in the assembly, this modular design can be used to improve your brew day however you see fit! Purchase here: https://spikebrewing.link/sight-glass
  7. SpikeBrewing

    Introducing… the Spike FLEX!

    We’re bringing you small batch fermenting to another level. The Flex will open doors to quality, flexibility and functionality you can’t find anywhere else. With all sanitary welded, 1.5” tri-clamp fittings and over 20 a-la-carte accessories available, you’ll be able to control temps, carbonate...
  8. SpikeBrewing

    Ask A Pro: Yeast strain tests to add complexity to your beer

    Yeast is one of the most overlooked elements that contribute to the aroma and flavor profiles of your beers. In our latest Ask A Pro, Charlie Gottenkieny, brewmaster at Bruz Beers, shares techniques for using multiple yeasts to enhance the overall character of your beers. Get his advice through...
  9. SpikeBrewing

    Spike Spring Cleaning! Up to 25% Off! Kettles, Conicals and Systems!

    It's Spring cleaning here at Spike. That means we are unloading a bunch of products that didn't make it past our QC team and that are overstock. First, we have scratch and dent kettles, conicals and systems available. These have issues like a cosmetic scratch, faded logo, floor model, etc...
  10. SpikeBrewing

    Ask A Pro: Do you aerate your wort?

    A former homebrewer, and now brewmaster and co-founder of Brewster Bros. Brewing Co., James Stirn stresses the importance of adding oxygen before fermentation. Get the why, when and how from James in our next Ask A Pro! Link to full article...
  11. SpikeBrewing

    Spike Spotlight: David T.

    After brewing his two first extract batches, David T. was hooked. Since then he has joined a homebrew club, set forth on a never-ending series of improvements and has won countless awards for his beer. Check out his advice and homebrewing stories in our next Spike Spotlight! Follow the link...
  12. SpikeBrewing

    Ask A Pro! Water Chemistry!

    Intimidated by water chemistry? We have a pro that can help! Ethan Tsai, Quality Control Manager at Tivoli Brewing Company, shares the importance of water chemistry and advice on how you can purify your water with our latest Ask A Pro. Link to full article...
  13. SpikeBrewing

    Spike Brewing: v4 Kettles!

    The next generation of Spike kettles are here. Introducing our v4 kettles! Including front to back handles, a rolled lip and rivot-less handles. Our kettles are now NSF listed as well! The NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) mark is your assurance that our product has been tested by one of the...
  14. SpikeBrewing

    Now Available: The CF30 Conical Unitank!

    We completed the conical family with our 1bbl all sanitary welded TC conical unitank. Ferment, brite and temperature control! Start shopping with the link below! Learn more about the CF30 here: https://spikebrewing.link/cf30conical
  15. SpikeBrewing

    Spike Spotlight: Traveling Circus Brewing!

    “It’s possible to make great beer if you are patient, learn from others, experiment, and just enjoy the process.” See how Brant, Mike, Dave and Matt joined forces to create Traveling Circus Brewing! URL: https://spikebrewing.com/blogs/spike-spotlight/traveling-circus-brewing Be sure to...
  16. SpikeBrewing

    Spike Spotlight: A Toronto Police Officer!

    As a Toronto police officer, Mike V. is exposed to traumatic events daily. He turned to homebrewing as an escape and a way to explore his creative side. We’re honored to tell Mike’s story in our next Spike Spotlight. Click below for this must read! URL...
  17. SpikeBrewing

    The Bargain Cave is live!

    The Bargain Cave is full! Some of our products couldn’t pass the high standards our QC team expects from our products – so we’ve discounted them in the Bargain Cave! Don’t delay on these kettles, conicals and systems – they go fast! Start Shopping: https://spikebrewing.com/collections/bargain-cave
  18. SpikeBrewing

    Spike Spotlight: Allegheny River Brewery!

    Brandon and two co-brewers, aka Allegheny River Brewery, decided to get serious and create their own 3 vessel electric brewery with Spike kettles. The next thing they knew they were on TV! Click below to hear more about Brandon's story in the newest Spike Spotlight. URL...
  19. SpikeBrewing

    Ask A Pro! Pressurized Fermentation!

    Pressurized fermentation. John Degroote, head brewer at New Barons Brewing Cooperative, provides background on this latest homebrewing trend you'll want to check out. Link to full article: https://spikebrewing.com/blogs/ask-a-pro/pressurized-fermentation Plus, be sure to check out the last...
  20. SpikeBrewing

    Introducing Spike Spotlight!

    We're putting YOU in the spotlight! We're excited to introduce our new series: The Spike Spotlight. We'll be highlighting Spike customers, their setups, stories and tips to help elevate your brew day! Our first Spotlight is Aaron from Vermont! You may have seen his mega BIAB setup before using...