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  1. Jester369

    Great beer talk with the owner/brewmaster at The Alchemist

    Just got back from a discussion at the local library with John Kimmich, the owner and brewmaster for The Alchemist brewery. Very cool - and he brought Heady Toppers for everyone! Happened to see a flyer for the talk at the local grocery store, or I never would have known about it.
  2. Jester369

    Still alive - just tackling a HUGE DIY

    Building my own house! My own two hands, plus a handful of hours of friend labor paid in beer. I've been toying with the notion of doing a 'build' thread but it's not really a beer related topic, unless you consider that it's really just a big container for the Keezer v2.0!!
  3. Jester369

    The 'Original' Keezer

    I hate to do it, but it has to go. Here it is before adding the last two taps: And after: See the build thread here. The only part not included in the sale is the manifold. I'm keeping that for Keezer v2. $600, no delivery ;)
  4. Jester369

    A couple new bottle labels

    Stole the image from the Frothingslosh "Stale Pale Ale" label that inspired the name "Stale Male Pale Ale."
  5. Jester369

    Magic Hat Sold

    Didn't see this posted elsewhere - if it's a repost, sorry http://www.wcax.com/global/story.asp?s=12964116 Not that I ever particularly liked Magic Hat's beers...
  6. Jester369

    Red bought me a new toy!!

    Just brought it home an hour ago - holy hell what a lot of fun this thing is!!!
  7. Jester369

    No gas - AGAIN!

    I thought I had found all the leaks in my manifold - pressure holding for well over a month, no bubbles when sprayed. Then I go to keg up some brew last night, and when I go to grab some CO2 to purge headspace - nada, zero, zip for pressure. Dead CO2 bottle. DAMN!!!!
  8. Jester369

    The Alchemist's 'Crusher' IIPA, Waterbury VT

    Holy hell, that is good stuff! If you get the chance, I highly recommend trying it. :mug:
  9. Jester369

    Imperial Assault IIPA

    Here's one for an IIPA I am planning on brewing soon Looks a little fuzzy here, but prints out beautifully. :mug:
  10. Jester369

    New Shipment of Goodies

    Just arrived this afternoon. :ban: The box has another 40 lbs of grain - all told it was 139 pounds of brewing goodness.
  11. Jester369

    Yankee Ingenuity VII - August 30-31 2008

    Ok guys, let's start trying to find a date that works! I'm thinking maybe start on a Saturday evening with some consumption, and start brewing in the AM on Sunday. :mug:
  12. Jester369

    LHBS no more - thank goodness for AHS!

    After a really disappointing interaction with my LHBS store, I finally gave up on them. Some really crappy attitude, from one of the owners, no less. It was too bad, because I like supporting the local businesses when I can. I even continued to shop there when the price of gas round trip...
  13. Jester369

    Raspberry Wheat

    Ok, so I usually just keg things, but Red asked me to brew up some raspberry wheat as a b-day gift for a friend of hers. It'll be bottled, so I figured I needed a label! Here is my first pass at it. Some beer and brewery info will go in the grey box on the right. Let me know what you...
  14. Jester369

    Too freakin' funny

    luVjkTEIoJc Edit: Umm, wtf. Thought I knew how to do this! here's the full link
  15. Jester369

    Couple of Seasonal Pics

    My brew table... My tree stand...
  16. Jester369

    Espresso Stout = Yummmmm

    Ok, so it's not carbed fully, but it sure does taste good! Thanks to Walker-San for posting the recipe back in '05!! :ban:
  17. Jester369

    Hey, olllllo...

    Been meaning to post this for a while in honor of your screen name... It's a 65 J3000 1 ton.
  18. Jester369

    Tried to do waaay too much.

    Ugh, So yesterday the plan was to brew up 10 delicious gallons of EdWort's HPA. I was going to start heating my strike water around 10 am. Instead, I overslept and didn't even start getting my gear together until after noon! In addition to the regular activities of brewing, I had to...
  19. Jester369

    Half-assed Beer Dispensing

    So, I haven't had any time to put in on the Keezer™, but I needed to serve up some suds for a pool tournament I was hosting. Here is the uglyness that followed: 2 2x4 pieces, and some spare pipe insulation. Looked bad, worked great! I just drilled a beerline sized hole in the lid where...