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    Barley wine second fermentation

    Been six months in secondary fermentation . White foam on top just appeared this weekend... Any ideas , is it still good
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    stuck fermentation

    how long should I wait before I try to get by mash unstuck :(
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    o g subpar

    i just brewed a patch of pumpkin spice porter and my O G was not as high as the OG on the instruction sheet. mine was 1.052 and the and was suppose to start at 1.057 to 1.062 it is already in the second fermentation carboy... Can I add some honey now to boost it or just not worry about it right...
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    metalic taste

    i recently brewed a batch of Belgium triple with mixed results , almost half of it came out with a bitter metalic taste and the other half was decent. I thought it might of been because I didn't strain all the hops out of it and they got left in the primary fermenter