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    Wifey needs recipe to win competition...

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    LHBS bad attitude!

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    Price per pound of salvage copper?

    What are you scrap yard chargin for "scrap" copper? Mine here is charging $3.95. They have 50' MINT coils all the time. I just picked up some 1" pipe for my RIMS and various elbows and reducers.. Beats the hell out of HD or Lowes!
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    Simple LED timer

    Looking for a cheap panel mounted LED timer. Anyone got a good source for them. I have seen some on Ebay, but they are equipped to link to SSRs and all kinds of extra junk. I need just a simple count down timer. Anyone?
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    Plan9's first all grain

    Plan9 has brewed his first all grain. And I have the pictures to prove it!! We each brewed a batch together last night. It was nice to brew with someone else. And who has a counter flow chiller for their first full boil? WTF?
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    Parts list - Did I miss anything

    I am getting together the parts list for my single tier brew system. RIMS system, electric for HLT and MLT, propane for the Boil kettle. Did I miss anything on the list, and please give me your thoughts on the best source for any of the parts listed. Steel bars for structure 4 casters w/...
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    Welder Help

    A buddy of mine is selling this for $150 (used) http://www.americasprideonline.com/e-z-mig-90-amp-flux-100-welder--34005-3-1.ViewProduct I plan on building a single tier system. Will this be enough welder to get the job done? (I Have never welded before and plan on doing a lot of...
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    Banana flavor - Contaminated yeast?

    Got an issue I need to talk through. Your advice is encouraged. A few months ago I used some SafeAle-05 to make a real good pale ale. I washed the yeast and put it up in mason jars in the fridge. I have made two beers with the saved yeast since then. They have both tasted like bananas...
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    Garage Needs a brew rig...

    Hey guys. I bought a new home last year. It came with a four car detached garage (plus the 3 car attached garage). Wifey and I filled it up with some poker tables, pingpong, darts, ext.. But I still have lots of room. Lately I have been thinking about an electrical/gas system, and while in the...
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    RIMS - Schematic - Need your input

    Hey guys, Another post about a new system! This is what I am planning for my next project. I have never set one of these up, but have done a lot of trolling on here! So, the first slide is the plubming. A combination of ball valves and disconnects. I like the idea of one pump and two...
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    Same Brew - Different Taste

    Hey guys. I am trying to work through a problem here. I brewed a double batch of Wheat Ale. It was a simple 50/50 mix of two row and domestic wheat. I used Wyeast American Wheat. I primaried the full 11 gallons in a Sanke Keg. And then secondaried in two 6 gallon better bottles. I kegged...
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    Balancing w/ different ID tubes

    Hey guys I am in a pinch and have to set up a tap for this weekend. I have a two tap kegerator that needs to turn into a three tap kegerator for a weekend party. I already have the supplies and time to put it together. But the only beverage line I can find locally is 1/4" ID, and both...
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    Rubber stopper for Sankle Fermenter

    Hey guys. I seem to be getting conflicting reports on the size bung stopper I need for a Sankley keg fermenter. the LHBS (heartshomerew) will not answer any questions. And the kegs are currently in the possesion of my buddy.. I think Bobby suggested they were 2" openings. I have seen...
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    Calling all Orlando (central Florida) Brewers

    Hey guys, A buddy of mine and I are interested in getting together a bunch of brewers for a spring beer tasting and home cooking. Anyone interested. We are in Mt. Dora and would like to do his sometime in April. So get your beers ready and respond to this post if you are interested...
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    LHBS bad attitude!

    I am frustrated. So I will spend a few minutes venting. I am new to brewing. I have done 5 batches so far, and am really trying to do it right. I have built my own MLT, Cooler, Kegerater, ext.. Right now I am working on switching over from extract to AG. This next brew is really designed...
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    Frustrated w/ low gravities

    Hey guys. Not sure what the hell is going wrong. Below is my recipe and techniques used. Please help me and give me some ideas on why I am so low on gravity. Grains - 2.5 lb American 2 row .5 lb caramel malt Extract 5 lbs liquid extract Batch size 5.25 gallons Hops to flavor...
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    MLT w/ flex copper

    Hey guys, I begged my AC repairman for some flex copper today. He set me up with 10' of 3/8" soft copper. I have a 5 gallon cooler that i am planning to convert with a cheap rubber stopper and plastic tube. I see a ton of manifolds made from SS mesh, and a lot from solid copper. But not...
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    Price of honey

    Hey guys, Wifey and I want to make some meads and honey wheats. We have been looking all over for good honey at reasonable prices. We finally found a local bee keeper that sells top notch local honey for $25 a gallon. What kind of prices are others paying?
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    Brewing with Oats

    Hey guys, Quick question. I have a recipe that calls for flaked oats. The oats right now appear to be in a raw state, should they be toasted/baked before I mash them with the rest of my grains. I am a little concerned that my wort will look and feel just like oatmeal if they are not...