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    A cool night out....

    The wife and I tried a fairly new seafood restaurant in Milwaukee tonight...Molly Cools We started off with crab stuff Portabella mushrooms that were absolutely terrific followed up with Red King Crab and Oysters on the half shell all the while enjoying 2 for 1 Bell's Oberon on tap. Now for...
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    Father of the year???

    Fond du Lac man accused of allowing sons, 2 and 4, to drink beer The Fond du Lac County District Attorney’s Office requested the citation be issued on Sept. 21 after the officer forwarded the report in July. A woman working at a beer tent told an officer that a man approached her and said...
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    Spicy pickled eggs...Looking for recipe

    I had the BEST pickled eggs yesterday at a bar in Wayne WI while out on the bike and know I have the bug to make some. I couldn't get the recipe out of them and all I know is that the brine looked like muddy water and they at least used onions, olives and jalapeños...could they have used the...
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    Another stupid criminal

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    This is kind of scary

    Lock bumping report http://blutube.policeone.com/Clip.aspx?key=D805A096653161E3
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    Some real geniuses

    Have you ever wondered what idiots looks like? Well, wonder no more! V V V V V V V V
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    Can you say Giants at Green Bay!!!! :tank: :tank: :mug: :mug: I guess Romo shouldn't have gone to Mexico...LOL
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    Star San question

    I have read that you should keep contact with rubber and Star San to a minimum. So my question is, has anyone experienced any ill effects using Star San to sanitize the seals on Grolsch flip tops???