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    stir plate or oxygenation kit?

    Hey guys and gals, Just trying to figure out what piece of equipment should I get next? Which one would i benefit more from on brew day? Right now I just swirl my yeast starter a few times and I seem to be doing well with that and as for oxygenating my Wort I just splash it side to side and that...
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    grain question

    I just recently picked up a used barley crusher malt mill for a good price and have 2 questions. How long can I store grain uncrushed to ensure freshness? Like if I ordered an all grain kit from northern Brewer or Midwest supplies? And any maintenance tips to ensure it runs well and lasts awhile?
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    partial to all grain conversion

    Is there a website that you can enter a partial mash recipe and have it converted to an all grain recipe? I recently just switched to all grain and have a partial mash kit i used that I would like to do in all grain.
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    Dry Hop question

    I am currently fermenting a batch of LakeFront Brewing Fixed Gear Red ale from Northern Brewer. It stats to dry hop the last 7 days of fermentation in my secondary. I am using a glass carboy as my secondary. What is the best way to dry hop?? Just drop the hop pellets in and strain when adding to...
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    all grain and dry yeast

    Just a quick question. I have recently made the jump to all grain. I have brewed 2 batches so far and I am patiently waiting to try them. My question is I used wyeast smack packs and made them into yeast starters for my first 2 batches and my third batch is being delivered today with dry yeast...
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    bayou cooker

    Anyone use there bayou cooker in the garage? Is it safe? Saw that some people were brewing during the rainy weekend and I just got mine. Wondering if I can do it or should I wait for a nicer day?
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    homebrewing.org equipment

    Does anyone have any experience with homebrewing.org's 10 gallon all grain cooler kit? I have decided to buy a kit rather than building it myself and this kit looks like a great deal. Just curious on anyone's thoughts that have purchased or used this kit.
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    Advice on some new equipment

    I'm looking to upgrade to all grain and wanted to know what everyone thought about the kits and burners i am looking at. First which cooler kit would be a good fit. I am looking to stay with 5 gallon batches and these are the 3 kits i am looking at...
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    Bottled beer storage & dry yeast storage

    Just 2 quick questions. 1. About how long can I store my homebrew (bottled) in a cool dark place before it goes bad? (my wife just found out that she is pregnant and i just started brewing so i was wondering if i can store a few for her until after the baby is born so she can try the...
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    Carboy question

    I recently purchased a 6 gallon carboy at my local homebrew shop used for a good price and I would like to use it as my primary. I plan on buying a 5 gallon carboy next for my secondary. My question is will the 6 gallon carboy be too small as a primary with just an airlock. I don't want to have...