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  1. apache_brew

    New eBIAB with Inverted Keggle?

    15 gallon batch full volume mash. Picked up the cooler at Walmart Coleman Coastal Xtreme Series Marine Portable Cooler,120 Quart - Walmart.com and had Mr. Wilser stitch me an awesome bag.
  2. apache_brew

    Mash in a bag and slow lautering

    I switched to mash in bag for similar stuck recirculating sparge reasons. Worrying about there still being blockage issues prior to even using my Wilser bag in my 120 qt cooler, I just built a 3/4" CPVC manifold and slipped it into the drain port. The bag sits on top of the manifold and I can...
  3. apache_brew

    Verdant super Krausen

    What a beaut! I can’t see mine because it’s in my keg fermenter. But does the floating ball on the dip tube not normally live on the surface through our fermentation?
  4. apache_brew

    Hydrometer Question

    Ya I wouldn’t trust a hot sample and conversion. A friend of mine gave me a nifty sample thief he made from a roughly 18” piece of 1/2” copper. The bottom has a soldered end cap, and the top has a nylon loop for handling. Whenever you want a gravity sample on the hot side, dip it into the boil...
  5. apache_brew

    Can I fit 4 sixtels in this freezer?

    I’ll add my $.02. Agree with the 4mm EVA for everything. Being that you’re starting from scratch, and want to serve Sanke and homebrew, go with 1/4 flare fittings everywhere (no barbs). AliExpress is great for sourcing a lot of the mass produced homebrew equipment SHFC Precision Machinery...
  6. apache_brew

    Looking for inexpensive grain bins

    If you can find white 6 or 7 gallon buckets, two of them will damn near hold a 55 lb sack of grain (definitely will after your first brew day, just leave the sack closed till then). And gamma seal lids.
  7. apache_brew

    IC tubing size...length vs diameter 1/4, 3/8 ?

    Are you set on sticking with an immersion style? If you're already using a pump, a counter flow would be a great option. Once I bumped up to 10+ gallon batches, a friend gave me his old 25' counter flow chiller. From a boil, it gets me down to 75F with 55-60F tap water. I've since repurposed my...
  8. apache_brew

    IC tubing size...length vs diameter 1/4, 3/8 ?

    You’ll likely run into high pressure and flow restrictions with 1/4” tubing. Check what the head drop of it is prior to purchasing material. I think 50’ 3/8” is the way to go, or copy the “hydra” and make it a parallel run with 2 or 3 lines to reduce back pressure and increase contact time.
  9. apache_brew

    New eBIAB with Inverted Keggle?

    1/2 bbl kegs don’t make the best biab kettles for larger than 5 gallon batches. If you want to do 10 gallon batches, you’re gonna need a seperate mash tun to hold all the grain and water for a full volume batch. Not to mention the narrow keg opening typically restricts easy bag lift out unless...
  10. apache_brew

    Ok I pressure fermented.... now what?

    Rack and lager, then brew and Eisbock and dump that on the yeast cake!
  11. apache_brew

    What fermenter is your favorite?

    Not necessarily a side track. I do the same with 1/2 bbl sankeys for 12-14 gallon batches. Works like a charm. The floating dip tube setup you have is the simplest way to go. I went a little further and mocked up my own floating dip tube configuration that allows me to do purged dry hop dosing...
  12. apache_brew

    How much room for fermentation

    4.5 gallons should be ok. The headspace you need is primarily to support the krausen. I’d just stick with one bucket for however much wort you can fit in there. If you have a gallon of wort left over, use something else like a 1 gallon glass jug if you have it and divide the yeast...
  13. apache_brew

    Brewing on a 3bbl system.

    Brewers friend is my go to. There’s a recipe scale feature in the recipe builder too.
  14. apache_brew

    Brewing on a 3bbl system.

    I’m pretty sure it’s still linear at that scale. I’ve scaled down some 20 bbl ipa recipes and they came out damn near the same. For yeast you should definitely use one of the calculators to determine what your 30 gallon pitch rate is going to be. For reference, I normally brew 14 gallon batches...
  15. apache_brew

    Making holes in a glass carboy

    being that you're already accustomed to fermenting in carboys, why not just switch over to sankey kegs? Essentially the same access and cleaning procedures but with 0% chance of breaking or light intrusion.
  16. apache_brew

    Is distilling TINCTURES legal?

    aside from the safety concerns that @bwible mentioned above with heating high proof concentrations, there is a maximum amount of around 95% ethanol that can be extracted through conventional distillation practices. the only way to obtain 100% ethanol is with a lot more chemistry and engineering.
  17. apache_brew

    NEIPA Brewers - Keg degredation time

    Not that I have experience, but I think the marketing also promotes using barrier tubing for gas lines as well for the same purpose.
  18. apache_brew

    NEIPA Brewers - Keg degredation time

    I’ve only brewed/kegged one NEIPA and have similar packaging methods to you. It only lasted me 2 months and I couldn’t tell a noticeable degradation. Aside from doing some sort of purged dry hop charging or perhaps ensuring your kegerator lines are oxygen barrier lines, I don’t know what else...
  19. apache_brew

    What’s The Best BIAB Kettle Size For Me

    For sure. I only reinforced my suggestion with my own experience based off the comment the OP had on potentially doing 12 gallon batches. Having 2 young kids, my brewing has slowed down to a batch every 2-3 months.