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  1. mrbowenz

    Pennsylvania 1.5 BBL brewery w/ 2- 42 gallon fermenters for sale

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/191539987639?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649 Up for sale here is a complete 1.5 BBL gas-fired stainless steel brewery, complete with hardware and stainless steel conical fermenters 2- 42 gallons. This brewery was built for a documentary film...
  2. mrbowenz

    An adventure in homebrewing !

    My HBT brethren , Just a quick shout out to my community of adventuring homebrewers, looking to finish up my brewing film Arctic Alchemy, last phase of edits and packaging ! Synopsis: -Old bottle of beer sells for $ 500,000 dollars -Beer Historian researches original recipe and finds...
  3. mrbowenz

    A new documentary film about brewing, HBT member

    Some of you know about this film, just throwing out a small 5 minute clip which we are editing for an official "trailer". Wanting some feedback from my HBT peers as to your interest in it, is it compelling, boring, would you watch the whole film ( 60-90 minutes ) or any other feedback is...
  4. mrbowenz

    World's oldest documented bottle of ale F/S

    Mod disclaimer: not sure if I can post this myself , if not, just nuke it ,if it's okay, thought it might be interesting for some: After a many years of research and contemplation, I am finally selling my bottle of ale , if you didn't know the story, I thought I would share it with my HBT...
  5. mrbowenz

    Tasting notes of a 137 year old beer

    I finally decided that 2012, would be the year I would taste a most remarkable bottle of a beer. A beer so special it was brewed for Sir George Nares( a British naval captain) who in 1875 set off to reach the North Pole. By the later half of the 19th century, Samuel Allsopp's and Son, had...
  6. mrbowenz

    The Great Baltic Adventure

    A few of you have followed my Arctic Alchemy project for some time , https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f14/arctic-alchemy-153577/ I am pleased to announce my next project called " The Great Baltic Adventure" whereas I am sailing on a small 60' clipper ship from central London up the Thames all the...
  7. mrbowenz

    Simple label in the spirit of dreamers Everywhere

    This is for a friend who is a big Beatles fan and Saison lover , with a hint of lemon :
  8. mrbowenz

    Irish Coffin Box - Portable

    I have been doing a fair amount of beer festivals lately and needed a tap box to serve from. In the past I was simply using a cobra style dispenser and often filling pitchers from the keg. I also wanted to have a bit more class, as I am often serving alongside professional brewers who have nice...
  9. mrbowenz

    Shamless video of my brewing career in Forbes Magazine

    My home brewery and beer movie as covered by Forbes last month: http://video.forbes.com/fvn/forbeslife/americas-coolest-home-brewery I also added the brewery and fermentation build details in the DIY section on the documentary brewery 3000+ on the road
  10. mrbowenz

    3000+ Miles with a brewery on wheels

    Just got back from shooting a documentary for 3 weeks on the road in Canada, thought I would share this equipment set-up The trailer is a standard 6X10', of course the brewery was set up out side but fermentation took place on the road home. This is what I started with: The brewery...
  11. mrbowenz

    Help needed- 55 gal False Bottom

    I am in need of a fabricator to make me a perforated SS false bottom for my 55 gallon mash drum. This will be used in my documentary film in the Arctic, July 25th (So I need soon) www.arcticalchemy.com You can PM me or email me directly . [email protected] Thanks for...
  12. mrbowenz

    Arctic Alchemy..

    I wanted to share my somewhat unusal project with the HBT community, since it's beer related , give me your comments on thoughts on this adventure I am taking in July 2010. Some of you may remember back in 2007 a bottle of Allsopp's Arctic Ale went up for bidding on Ebay, short discussion...
  13. mrbowenz

    Show me your 50 gallon plus setups

    I need to develop a 50-70 gallon brewing system ( portable and easy to break down) LP gas fired . Who has one ?
  14. mrbowenz

    Critique this Old English Barleywine recipe

    Notes Age in Oak Barrel including additional 10oz of hops ( EKG and Fuggles) for 26 weeks
  15. mrbowenz

    Who rides a motorbike ? check in

    I'll start: What do you ride ( s) 1989 Honda TransAfrica Twin ( 600 cc ) 2001 Kawasaki Super Sherpa ( 250 cc) How long have you been riding ? since I was 8, so, 34 years ...ugh How many have you owned ?about a dozen, mostly MX bikes, now, mostly dual...
  16. mrbowenz

    My brewing exhibit now open in PA

    Some of you may know I do historical brewing here in PA , I was lucky enough to be a guest curator for a year long exhibit in Bethlehem PA. "Roll out the Barrel" Bethlehem Brews History - Is the name of the exhibit, it runs for a year long . I built/ put together a 1820's style brewery...
  17. mrbowenz

    Bull and Bush's Royal Oil , need help/recipe

    Probably my favorite Barleywine ever, Bush and Bull's website offers up nothing on this great BW, except that it's aged in Wild Turkey barrels. Does anyone in the Denver area or beyond have any insight as to how the recipe is put together , does anyone know the brewer ? Any other fans of...
  18. mrbowenz

    Historic Brewing in Bethlehem PA

    Thought would share this with my HBT inmates, I do the historical brewing thing you know. This year , I have been asked to be a guest curator for a year long brewing exhibit . I hand built a 1830's style brewery ( which I will post in the equipment thread - 1bbl all copper affair ), then brewed...
  19. mrbowenz

    Now there's some gravity for you

    I did a historic recipe for Old Ale today ( circa 1820 ) , last night I made 12 gallons of Essentia Bina, which is a recipe for basic molasses, over a fire , at the end of the 2 hour boil, I set the kettle on fire for about 3 minutes, it adds a Treacle like smoky flavor. 26 lbs of beat sugar...
  20. mrbowenz

    Starting a Mug Club

    A friend of mine came up with the idea to start a mug club for my home bar, so I recently put this together, I was wondering if anyone else did this typew of thing ? Here's the rub: 1.I invited 24 close friends ( all guy's except for 3 hot girls ) , 2.Everyone gets their own mug with a...