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  1. CowboyShootist

    Getting ready to bottle my Peach Wheat

    Greetings, I am about to bottle up a Peach Wheat I threw together from a kit plus some hallertauer hops. I racked into the secondary just short of 2 weeks ago onto some peach puree. When I go to bottle should I try to avoid getting any puree from the bottom of the secondary or should I...
  2. CowboyShootist

    Measuring Priming Sugar

    Greetings, A couple of nights ago I was bottling up a Honey Ginger Lager and found a package of priming sugar that had come with a beer kit that I got for Christmas. I have always used 3/4 cup of priming sugar which is what I measured out of the package. The package was labeled as having 5oz...
  3. CowboyShootist

    Phil's Sparging Arm

    Greetings, Was looking at the Phil's sparging arms and was wondering if anyone had tried a simple nozzle from a yard irrigation system? Seems like you could get one of the adjustable models and have it spay a nice "rain-like" circle of water over the grain bed. TC
  4. CowboyShootist

    Cooler for HLT?

    Greetings, Finally found a round 10gal rubbermaid for my MLT. In the process of looking around I saw some places online that were selling sets of cooler style MLT and HLT. I am a little confused about the cooler style HLT. Is the idea to simply pour hot water into the cooler? I am assuming...
  5. CowboyShootist

    Very occasional bubbling in the blow-off tube

    OK, I know the Hydrometer tells all but I was wondering about very intermittent bubbling coming through the blow-off tube. I have a batch of Wheat beer in the primary and it's been there for a little over a week (9 days). About every 1 1/2 mins it gurgles a few bubbles out. I'll take a Hydro...
  6. CowboyShootist

    Cooler style MLT

    Greetings, I am trying to get the materials together to make a MLT that will support 10 gal batches. What I am finding is that locating a 10gal round water cooler is near impossible. I can find the 5gal units but not the 10s. I've looked everywhere but haven't gone to the online stores yet...
  7. CowboyShootist

    What's the deal with Yeast Starters?

    Greetings, I see people talking about yeast starters and propogating yeast from one batch to another. When I am at the LHBS I see about a million variations of yeast from dry to liquid, ale, lager, wheat, bavarian, american, and so on. First, does the yeast variant make that much...
  8. CowboyShootist

    To Peach or Not to Peach....

    Greetings, I have a wheat beer still in the primary fermenting away. It should be done in about another 3-4 days and then I'll have to make a decision. This is an extract recipie, actually a kit with some slight modifications on my part (I bought some different hops and some liquid yeast...
  9. CowboyShootist

    5 gal batches in a 10 gal MLT

    Greetings, In preparation for my sortie into AG brewing I am trying to formulate my equipment plans. I'd like to be able to do 10gal batches and it appears I need a 10gal cooler MLT to do that. What I am wondering is whether it would be a problem to do a 5 gal batch in a 10 gal MLT? In...
  10. CowboyShootist

    If I want to do 10 gal batches how big should my MLT and HLT be?

    If I wanted to do a 10gal batch do I actually need a 10+ gal HLT and MLT? I am assuming that a 10gal cooler for the MLT would be sufficient to handle enough grain for a 10gal batch but I am not sure if you actually need 10 gal of hot water to mash the grain. My beer-sense tells me no. I...
  11. CowboyShootist

    Slow Fermentation

    Greetings, This is my third batch of Extract beer. The first was a simple Ale, the second a Honey Lager and this batch is an American Wheat. In the first 2 cases fermentation started pretty quickly (less than 24 hrs) and was relatively vigorous and then slowed to a crawl. This particular...
  12. CowboyShootist

    Pellet versus Leaf Hops

    Greetings, I am going to try a little experiment on a Wheat Beer kit I was given at Christmas. The kit came with 2 cans of Unhopped Wheat Malt, a package of hops and some yeast. Looking at various Wheat beer recipies I have decided to do a little hops substitution. I will be using...
  13. CowboyShootist

    Why is it called Hot Liquor Tun?

    Why is the HLT called a Hot Liquor Tun if it's only used to heat the water for mashing/sparging? Besides the mash water and sparge water are there any other liquids that you would run through the HLT? Thanks in advance TC
  14. CowboyShootist

    Hauling Corny's over the Mountains

    What's the best way to transport full kegs over the mountains? I am guessing that due to the changes in pressure as you go over the mountain you need to let off the CO2. Anything else to do?
  15. CowboyShootist

    More Kegging Questions - Storing uncarbonated brew in a keg

    Greetings, I have a question about kegging. If you were to make say a 10 gal batch and you have 2 Corny kegs can you put the finished beer, uncarbonated, into the second keg and will it keep? Should you go ahead and use priming sugar in the second keg in order to carbonate the brew or can it...
  16. CowboyShootist

    Mini-Kegs - Good Idea?

    Greetings, I am looking at moving from bottling to kegging and have done quite a bit of research on both Corny kegging systems as well as some of the Mini-Keg systems available. The main issue I see with the Corny kegs is size and cost. Cost is not that big of a deal since it's something...
  17. CowboyShootist

    Cream Ale - Any good recipes?

    I am interested in making a nice Cream Ale. Any pointers to recipies would be appreciated. I am also wondering if there might be a way to infuse the Cream Ale with a hint of Orange flavor for a sort of Orange Cream Beer soda. Thanks TC
  18. CowboyShootist

    Lager - Racking to Secondary

    Greeetings, well the lager is in the fermentation bucket and bubbling away in the garage. Once this is done I'll rack over to my carboy but I was wondering about the process to do that. I was under the impression that once you start things fermenting that you want to avoid exposing the...
  19. CowboyShootist

    Lagering - Fermentation Cycles?

    Greetings, I am working on my next batch of beer and found an interesting recipie in Papazian's Joy of Home Brewing. The recipie is the Rocky Raccoon Honey Lager and it look pretty straightforward to prepare. The instructions are a little vague on the actual fermentation process, however, and...
  20. CowboyShootist

    First Noob question about amount of Yeast needed

    Greetings, I have been reading about home brewing until my eyes are practically bleeding. I have read through the forum, read the FAQs and tips posts here, have the Dummies Guide to Home Brewing and read the online Home Brewing books and blogs. I haven't found a good answer, or really any...