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    "Another" first mini-mash

    My use of the grains in my brewing (mini-mash or partial grain) is for body and "mouth feel". I use from 1-1/2 lbs to 2 lbs of grains with a mix of crystal malts at part 20L and part 120L and pay no attention to adjusting the amount of DME based on grain I use. I get consistently good homebrew...
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    cracking your own grain

    I dunno, sorta like most of the other parts of this hobby. It doesn't make much sense, but we gotta do it OURSELVES! I'm like you. I just got a grain mill for Xmas (I asked my wife for one), and don't have a clue why. I brew using partial mash - so my mill will only be used for max 2 lbs at a...
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    Strange problem in my brew today - help!

    More on my gunk in the wort problem. . . no water change. I use our Seattle water, which we have a lot of, very soft and excellent for good brews. So, no change there. I threw the darned DME bags away, and didn't keep the receipts. My HBS usually sells me Cooper if the DME is barley malt...
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    Strange problem in my brew today - help!

    Thanks for the suggestions. I did add the DME to a cooler wort than I usually do. I usually start adding just before the boil, or at the first boil, this time I added right after the grain steep at about 158 degrees. I won't do that again, just in case. No wheat in the DME, all light...
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    Strange problem in my brew today - help!

    I need some help! I'm on my 10th batch, all have been successful so far. I use partial grain recipes. Well, today I steeped the grains as usual and the result looked fine. Then I added 7 lbs of light, unhopped DME which seemed to disolve just fine. I brought it to the boil, and started to...
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    Bad Taste

    What kind of brew, all grain, partial grain (with dry maltose) or all maltose, either dry or liquid??? I had 3-4 bad batches, drinkable, but easily identified as "home brew" until I started steeping grains (partial grain process) and using fresh leaf hops. Now it is better than commercial...
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    Using Irish Moss

    Thank you all for the help. I'm going to use some irish moss during the last 15 minutes of the boil, which seems to be the agreed upon action. The brew is not a wheat beer, so I would like it clear but without losing body. If the moss has nothing to do with body, then I should be happy. I...
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    Using Irish Moss

    So maybe I was wrong, and yes, I do want a clear final product since it will be very light. Thanks for the response.
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    Using Irish Moss

    I've finally gotten good brew by using partial mash brewing - with good fresh grains steeped for 20-30 minutes before adding DME and various hops. Getting started with fresh and properly steeped grain has given my brew the "body" I needed to make it just the way I wanted (along with fresh...