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  1. tbel

    How much time to boil

    I received a turkey fryer for Christmas with a 30qt pot. I believe it is 35,000 btu s. I did a test run boiling water in that pot. It took about 30min to bring 6gallons to a boil from probably around 55-60 F . I didn't think that was to bad. Today I picked up a used 40qt pot at a local...
  2. tbel

    Small batch Sweet Stout (help needed)

    So I need some help. I did my first AG batch as a BIAB 1gallon batch. It was a Sweet Stout. I was about to bottle it (skipped a secondary) and upon checking my gravity I'm still at 1.028 @ 67F I'm no expert but that seems high even with lactose in it. My O.G was 1.059 @ 70F. So do just agitate...
  3. tbel

    1 gallon batch question.

    I've been planning a couple of one gallon batches using the BIAB method. As part of my planning I boiled 1gallon of water for 30 minutes to help me figure my loss to evaporation(and cooling). After cooling what was left to 72 degrees I measured the amount and got 64.8 oz. So I'm losing 63.2...
  4. tbel

    I'm an idiot!!

    So, today after three weeks in the primary, I transfer my Surly Bitter clone to secondary in my glass carboy. Measured the gravity and tasted it. It was quite good! Carry the carboy down to the basement and set it on some boxes full of bottles to keep it off the floor. Figure I'll finish...
  5. tbel

    3rd batch, first real noob Q

    So up until now I've found all my answers by searching the forums. I haven't looked to see if this is addressed but I've got a couple for you. I just finished transferring my NB Surly Bitter clone to the secondary after 3wks in primary. The O.G. was 1.040 right where it was supposed to be...
  6. tbel

    CL find in Roch. MN area (not mine)

    Not sure where to post this. Hope this is OK. Found some Grolsch bottles along with "brew kegs" Mr Beer fermenters. Hope someone finds this usefull.
  7. tbel

    Just finished my second batch

    I just finished my second batch, it was NB Farmhouse Ale Biere De table. Everything went well, quicker and smoother than the first. One thing I was wondering about is my OG. The recipe says it should be 1.043 but I got 1.047. That was @ 63 degrees F. Could I have gotten some extra from my...
  8. tbel

    Made myself an Immersion chiller

    Went to Lowe's and picked up 20' of 3/8" copper tube, some clamps, tubing and one hose end adaptor. It took some effort but I bent it by hand. Tried it for the first time tonight. I had 4.5 gallons in the pot at a rolling boil. It cooled to 62 degrees in just over 16 minutes.:ban::mug:
  9. tbel

    First brew in progress, waiting on lower temp.

    Well I've got my first one under way. An extract kit. I was cooling on the deck with water in a storage tub and added snow. I thought I had the temp down to about a hundred and brought it in and poured it into the fermenter. I figured when I added the rest of the water per directions, it...