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  1. Diesel48

    Tower Draft System 3 Faucet Replace Lines

    I recently built a house and had a kegerator built into the kitchenette downstairs. It is the under cabinet tower system that goes through the work surface. Of course this system came with 5 foot beer lines. I want to replace them with 10 footers. I popped the cap off the top to expose the...
  2. Diesel48

    bulkhead height brew kettle

    I purchased a weldless bulkhead from Bargainfittings. About how high should I install this on my brew kettle? I also got the whirlpool adapter. Using 15 gallon pot, it was getting a little to heavy to lift all of the time.
  3. Diesel48

    Temp Control Time

    How long do I really need to control my fermentation temperatures? The reason I ask is that I can fit two carboy's in my chamber. However since they are a week apart the new carboy will need a much lower temperature to keep the active fermentation temp down. Should I remove the first carboy and...
  4. Diesel48

    Missing OG

    I have been brewing for about 2 years now. I switched to all grain about one year ago. It seemed like things were going great until recently. I seem to be missing my OG all of the time, it has happened in the last 3 all grain batches. One thing that did not help is that my grain was crushed at 3...
  5. Diesel48

    New chest freezer for fermentation!

    Just picked up a freezer for fermentation. What temp are people typically fermenting at? I know every yeast is a little different but is there a general temp? My first beer will be using us-5.
  6. Diesel48

    New Holland Brewing Poet Clone

    Any ideas for this wonderful Oatmeal stout? From their website The Poet has a rich, smooth malt character enveloped in tones of roast and chocolate. A soft mouth-feel brings luxurious flavors and soothing aroma. It pairs wonderfully with earthy flavors such as mushrooms and beef, while...
  7. Diesel48

    Floaties in bottle

    I bottled my Belgian Dubbel 3 weeks ago and noticed a few floaties at the top of the beer. Should I be concerned or could this just be yeast boats. Going to try one tonight.
  8. Diesel48

    First All Grain Success!

    Just wanted to thank everyone for all the posts on making your first AG batch. I used Bobby_Ms AG primer and it went great! My brew house efficiency was a little over 82% so the ABV will probably end up being a bit higher than the recipe but I would say it was a great success! After a few more...
  9. Diesel48

    Keg and Carb levels, carbonation seems low

    I have had 3 kegs in my newly built keezer carbing for 3 weeks at 39 Degrees. My C02 is at 11-12 psi. I have 10 ft serving lines. My beer is definitely carbonated but it is a very light carbonation. If I compare the carbonation of a coors light to my ale's the coors has a lot more carbonation...
  10. Diesel48

    Keezer is built!

    Finished building my keezer this morning. Now just waiting for some of my beers to finish fermenting! Cannot wait to pull my first pint! http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/4913670200/
  11. Diesel48

    Keezer build about to commence! Couple ?'s

    I picked up a 7.2 sunbeam freezer from Menards yesterday. They were on sale and it is wide enough to put a 1/4 barrel in it if I want to some day. I took some measurements and want to start building my collar today. I have a few questions before I begin. 1. What are people typically building...
  12. Diesel48

    Just filled a keg for the first time

    So I just filled my first corny. How full should it be with 5 gallons? It was getting pretty dang full and it looked like I still had .75 - .5 gallons in my ale pale yet. I really don't think the pale markings are that far off. Can the beer touch the small gas tube going into the corny?
  13. Diesel48

    BB Imperial Pale Ale kit

    Just got this kit for my birthday yesterday, I think I am going to brew it tonight. The instructions do not mention anything about the length of conditioning for this beer. My plan is to leave in my primary fermenter for 4 weeks, bottle or keg it and let it sit for another 2-3 weeks. Does that...
  14. Diesel48

    Naturally Carbed Keg and Serving Pressure

    Does a naturally carbed keg still need to be connected to CO2 to serve? This is probably a dumb question but and I am assuming the answer is yes. For a party can I naturally carb a keg, put it on ice to cool it down and then hook up a simple pump still tap, or get one of the small CO2...
  15. Diesel48

    Fermentation Temps

    I know I should try to keep my fermentation temperatures under control while the beer is fermenting. My question is, is this more important during initial fermentation ie the first 5 days? The reason I ask is that I have a small refrigerator I can use but it only fits one carboy. After 5 days...
  16. Diesel48

    Cream ale is a little dark

    Well, it has been 2 weeks and my cream ale does not look like the picture on Northern Brewer. I plan on letting sit in the primary one more week before bottling. I used their extract version of the recipe, could this account for the amber color instead of the yellow color? Should I have added a...
  17. Diesel48

    Phat Tyre Fermentation Question

    This is my third batch of beer. It is a Northern brewer kit. I am a proponent of using the primary fermenter the entire time unless dry hoping or adding fruit. However, the instructions on this beer say to leave in the primary for 1-2 weeks and then rack to a secondary for another 2 - 4 weeks...
  18. Diesel48

    English Brown Ale Bottling today! Priming ?

    I am bottling my very first batch of beer today. It was a brewers best english brown ale. It came with 5 oz of priming sugar. The instructions say to boil the sugar in 2 cups of water. From the table I have read 5oz of priming sugar seems to be way to much. What do you suggest? Do you need to...
  19. Diesel48

    Late LME addition

    I just brewed Northern Brewers Phat Tyre Ale on Sunday. It was my second brew and first that had a late 15 minute extract addition. I removed the put from my flame to stir in the 6lbs of extract, I was also supposed to add the another 1 oz of hops for the last 15 minutes. The wort took a bit to...
  20. Diesel48

    Yeast starter, what do I pour out?

    I plan on using a yeast starter batch this weekend. I have seen a few pictures of what it looks like after 18 hours or so but was wondering what do I pour out before I put the starter in my wort? Thanks!