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  1. thadeus_d3

    Cascade Hop Pellets 1LB for $6.99 + Shipping

    Sampled a beer that used 8oz of cascade and it tastes great. Now I wish I would've bought more than 4lbs :)
  2. thadeus_d3

    Cascade Hop Pellets 1LB for $6.99 + Shipping

    I added 10 to the cart and got $5 flat rate shipping. Great deal for a group buy.
  3. thadeus_d3

    Cascade Hop Pellets 1LB for $6.99 + Shipping

    It's debatable, but I'd say years If stored properly. I just used Galena hops that were 5 years old (vacuum sealed and frozen) in the best IPA I've ever made. Brulosophy did an experiment on hop age that you may find interesting...
  4. thadeus_d3

    Cascade Hop Pellets 1LB for $6.99 + Shipping

    Adventures in Homebrewing has 1lb bags of Cascade hop pellets for $6.99+ shipping. These are the 2016 crop. Shipping was a flat $11 for me, no matter how many bags I ordered. https://www.homebrewing.org/Cascade-Hop-Pellets-1-lb_p_690.html
  5. thadeus_d3

    Here's how much it costs to grab a beer around the world

    I've been to 14 of these cities and Stockholm is hands down the most expensive I've seen. It's way more expensive than NYC and Paris. $8+ was the norm. Not only that, but beers purchased in store are also very low ABV and relatively expensive (all sold individually). I've attached a pic I took...
  6. thadeus_d3

    Hop Allergies

    My wife believes she's allergic to hops. She hasn't been diagnosed, but she sneezes and coughs while drinking some APAs and pretty much all IPAs, regardless of the type of hops. She finds a way to power through it though.
  7. thadeus_d3

    What's in your fermenter(s)?

    10 Gallons of GLBC Christmas Ale clone 15 Gallons of Centennial Blonde 10 Gallons of Bee Cave Brewery Haus Pale Ale 10 Gallons of Dragonmead Final Absolution clone 5 Gallons of Mr Cheeks Citra/Simcoe IPA Yeah, I hate brewing over the winter. I build up a pipeline and keg them over the winter (I...
  8. thadeus_d3

    Tap Handle Ferrule

    My brother bought me this awesome tap handle, but it did not come with the screw or brass ferrule (first picture). Does anyone have a good source for tap handle ferrules? I'd like to get a long one so that it looks original (2nd picture).
  9. thadeus_d3

    Outdoor Brewers - what do you do in the winter?

    I also live in Ohio. I brewed my first winter using a pond pump to chill the wort and it wasn't for me (I hate the cold). Ever since then, I've built up a huge pipeline of beer in early October and stored them in corny kegs long term. I have 12 kegs, so I'm able to store a decent amount.
  10. thadeus_d3

    What brewery are you visiting?

    I visited Maui Brewing Company this past Friday with my wife. We went for drinks in the evening and an employee noticed us peeking though the door to the fermentation chambers. Even though it was 10pm, he offered us an impromptu tour. Very nice facility, very nice employees and good beer.
  11. thadeus_d3

    How much is two much for one 12 oz beer?

    Yeah, beer at pretty much any Cleveland sporting event, except for the Cavs and Lake Erie Monsters, is a must to wash away the depression. $9 well spent :mug:
  12. thadeus_d3

    You know you're a home brewer when?

    When your son wears this for a ring
  13. thadeus_d3

    Italy Beer

    Grappa...good stuff! OP, if you're feeling really jazzy, you should pickup a bottle of Fernet Branca while you're there.
  14. thadeus_d3

    Italy Beer

    I've been to Milan in 2013 and Rome 2 months ago. Peroni is king. It was pretty difficult finding craft beer in Milan. I don't think we were really successful. Rome has experienced a boom in the craft beer scene. It'll likely be easier to find a craft brewery than a commercial option. There are...
  15. thadeus_d3

    Raw Ale / No Boil

    A coworker and fellow homebrewer suggested that I just carbonate some water, add hop tea and food coloring. It probably wouldn't taste that much different than Bud select 55. Not a bad idea :)
  16. thadeus_d3

    Raw Ale / No Boil

    It's only $18 because it's 2.4%abv and supposedly 55 calories per 12oz serving (which I don't believe). We have an upcoming vacation and she wants to get her beach body ready. She's not having an easy time with the delicious Pale Ales that I've been making lately. Yeah, she's fine if it doesn't...
  17. thadeus_d3

    Confession Time

    I never use hydrometers. I stopped after breaking my second hydrometer and don't really miss it. I also rinse out my kegs after they've been tapped. I do soak in PBW or oxyclean after every 3 batches or so. Along the same lines, I don't clean my beer line with each brew either.
  18. thadeus_d3

    Raw Ale / No Boil

    I need your help guys. My wife asked me to buy a case of Budweiser Select 55...the low calorie beer that tastes like water. I told her that I'm not spending $18 on a case of that stuff. I decided to make a slightly heavier, raw ale version of it. I've never done it before, but will use hops...
  19. thadeus_d3

    Any worse beer destination than Mexico?

    Abu Dhabi and Dubai was the worst that I've seen. Nearly impossible to find and when you did, it cost an arm and a leg.
  20. thadeus_d3

    Rome craft brew scene

    I'll be leaving for Rome before spending some time in Cairo on Monday. It's a bit of a walk from my apartment, but maybe i'll swing by for a bite and beers since it's a short walk from Piazza Navona. Thanks for sharing! Any other tips?