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    Dry hop when question.

    For anyone dry hopping during active fermentation, do you leave the hops in until you keg or bottle? Do you dry hop loose? That just seems like a long time to leave the hops in, but want to try it. I usually dry hop for 3-4 days then cold crash and keg, but always looking for better ways.
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    What’s a couple of degrees??

    You should be fine but monitor it. Add a fan blowing directly on the fermenter or put the fermenter in a water bath if you are concerned. Also don’t overpitch or start with the wort warm - before I had my ferment freezer, I had a runaway fermentation, where the wort was a little too warm to...
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    American light lager

    Yea, Motueka may seem like a strange choice for hops but it is like saaz with some citrus notes. That is what I had on hand one time and tried it, and it came out great. I think it helps brighten it a bit. One other note about this style is you want it carbonated as high as possible.
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    American light lager

    Here is my go to for an American light lager. Key is that corn and rice are very necessary. I like the Cablecar yeast a lot too. HOME BREW RECIPE: Title: Pilsner Motueka Brew Method: All Grain Boil Time: 60 min Batch Size: 5.5 gallons (fermentor volume) Boil Size: 7.5 gallons Boil Gravity...
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    Unpleasant/bitter flavor on the back of my tongue from BIAB in AG batches, post fermentation

    I had a similar harsh off flavor. I am fairly certain it was an infection of some sort. It only completely went away after replacing my keg lines with new EVABarrier lines. Somehow it was in the original vinyl lines and managed to infect each keg. At least in theory.
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    What is the suggested way to clean keg after emptying one?

    I generally dissasemble and clean, and leave disassembled to dry. If I have any concerns I will pbw it. But this last time, I knew it didn’t have much gunk in it and I was going to reuse it within a couple of days, so I just drained some star san into it, sloshed it around and forced out the...
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    Late boil / “flavor” hop necessary?

    Why would a tiny bit of oxygen hurt the hops post fermentation, but a ton of oxygen pre fermentation does nothing to them? I don’t get it.
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    Late boil / “flavor” hop necessary?

    yea, that was one of the articles I read that got me thinking. I am going to test this out this weekend and skip the flavor hops. Doing a double batch so still deciding if I will split it.
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    Exaggerated haziness with Mosaic hops?

    Maybe being that old, they were a bit dry and crumbly and stayed in suspension. Did you notice any particular hop bite to the beer? I squeezed my dry hop bag dry once and had that issue. It was a bit of a bite in the back of the throat. Never cleared even through cold crash and gelatin.
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    Late boil / “flavor” hop necessary?

    I was thinking, there is a lot of talk about post fermentation oxygenation hurting hop flavor/aroma. But what about the fact that we put these hops in at whirlpool then oxygenate the hell out of the wort before pitching. That has to be hurting the hops. What about adjusting the recipe for less...
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    Late boil / “flavor” hop necessary?

    I often brew my house IPA. This recipe is most often (per 5 gallon) 1oz Warrior pellets at 45, then 2oz of various other hop pellets at 15, 5, and whirlpool, then a 3oz dry hop. The beers generally come out really good and well balanced, but dealing with that much hops in the kettle is a pain...
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    Hop burn??

    And is that water profile correct with zero Cl and SO4?
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    Hop burn??

    How long has it been in the keg? Did you dry hop loose or in bags? How much hop trub went into the fermenter From the kettle?
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    Mixed-Fermentation Sour Beer Really Easy Fruit Sour

    Has anyone tried dryhopping this? I am currently fermenting a raspberry brew And wondering if that would be good. If so, what hops and how much did you do.
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    BIAB Volume for larger batch

    Do NOT boil 8 or 9 gallons in a 10 gallon pot covered. You WILL boil over in a heartbeat and have quite a mess. Lol. Maybe partially covered if you watch it very closely. I do a similarly full pot where I do a true double batch ipa in a 15 gallon pot of up to 27 lbs grain. I’ll do a mash...
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    How many of you use a yeast starter?

    For ales I will typically use liquid yeast, build a 2 liter starter, decant, then split that in half. if doing a single batch, I will save half for a future batch. If doing a double batch, just split it. According to the starter calculators, this gives a boost in numbers for the current...
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    What is the best mesh number for bag in BIAB method?

    I love the bags from this site: The Brew Bag-Designed for Brew In A Bag-This is your LAST brew bag! I got the 200 micron in the 17” size and it has gone through a lot of batches including many with a grain Bill up to 27lbs. Still going strong and I definitely prefer the straps.
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    What is going on with my IPAs?

    You don’t mention much about the taste. Are there any off flavors, bitey bitterness, or any other clue? Are you starting with RO water? That CaCl addition looks about double what I add to get those numbers from RO. Maybe it just needs time. Some take longer. How much of the hop trub from...
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    Azacca Pale Ale

    I did an all Azzaca IPA back in March though I used warrior for initial bittering. I don’t generally experiment with bittering hops as I have had bad experiences. I hopped a little heavier and did a dry hop too. The brew came out deliciously fruity And went quick. Would definitely do again...
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    Softened water brewing

    I have a similar setup with well water, a water softener with iron out salt, then running through an RO filter. I currently just use the RO profile In Bru N Water and adjust with gypsum and CaCl. is their any value in getting a water report of the RO water from Ward to verify or are the...