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    What's your cost of a 5 gallon batch?

    All grain with the power of bulk purchasing through your local home brew club. I just brewed a 15.50 gallon American Amber for $53.55. That includes $13.50 for LP gas and $9.45 for the water I must purchase. By washing yeast and buying hops and malt through my club my beer is costing less...
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    What is the closest Wisconsin town to Minneapolis that i can buy new glarus beer?

    If you are traveling on I-94. Menomonie has a store not far off the interstate. Marketplace is the name. From the interstate travel south to the first set of lights and take a right. Pick up some Rush River or the beer brewed right in Menomonie from Lucette brewery. Both IMHO are better...
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    Does anyone else think Sam Adam's beer sucks

    I don't drink Sam Adams. Nor do I drink any Jacob Leinenkugel products even though it is local to me. Are they bad beers? I don't know because I stopped drinking them a long time ago. Why? Well, it is simple. There are so many options available today. Why is that? IMHO it was the...
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    Are the gas ball valve leak proof ?

    It is always a good idea to check, using a soap solution or a comparable commercial, every fitting from the tank into the corny. I also have drained a 5lb tank in no time. I also now always lube all of the, "O" rings witha food grade petro gel. Then, after filling the corny I place the...
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    Put a offer in on a house today

    There are some really good opportunities out there. I bought a second home three years ago. Twenty acres, trout stream you can hear running from the deck. Bought it for a song. Now am trying to sell my first home. Was 199K, then 175K. Just put about 5K into it and will sell for less than...
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    90 minute, ten gallon boils & Short Boil Kettle

    I am planning on moving to 90 minute boils. I am using a converted keg and am concerned about starting volume compared to available kettle space. My brew kettle is 16 gallons and my initial volume is 14.25 gallons. Won't I just be controlling boil over for the first 45 minutes?
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    Showing off new logo

    I like the tie to the local history. That always gets me.
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    Dedicated Lagering Fridge?

    Sometimes it is not a bad idea to take a deep breath, look around a bit, talk to some people like you are doing and plan for the long term. I do not like to purchase anything twice. Therefore I make certain, at least the best I can of planning equipment purchases that will get me to where I...
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    Starter Safety Warning

    I use a, "cow magnet". I got it from my father's estate and have no idea why he had it. Yet, being from Wisconsin there are a lot of cow magnets around I am sure. You can probably get one from your local vet.
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2010?

    28,991.5 + 106.00 = 29,097.5
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    Do you adhere to a brewing schedule?

    I set up a five brew project. I then plan the purchasing of ingredients and begin brewing. I have a couple of standards that I like to keep on hand. I also set up a list of brews to do in the future. Then, I pick from that list for my five beer rotations.
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    LHBS brought down the hammer of noobishness

    Hi neighbor. I live in Menomonie. PM me and I will get you information on the Menomonie Home Brew club. We draw from about fifty miles away. You are so lucky to have options. Northern Brewers store is what, 60 miles from you. I think Midwest Brewing is about the same. There is a sponsor...
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    Advice on training new guys/large group

    Get a co-host. You brew with assistance of those in attendance. The co-host drinks beer with everybody but you. You are too busy brewing and explaining and you want it to be safe. Get some designated drivers and have a great time :D
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    Finally a beer that doesn't taste like 'homebrew'

    For me it was when I began to control my temperatures at fermentation. My beer had been fermenting too warm and the results were spotty depending on the weather and resultant temperature in my basement.
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    Gainesville, FL

    I don't know anything about brewers in your area, but... Well, about three decades ago I remember reading about the Gainesville Marijuana Dealers Association. They did a fund raiser for something or other. Is that organization still active?
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    five star

    You will be fine. You did mention that you rinsed out the double solution. That's fine as well. But after that rinse, a resanitization with one or the other of the sanitizers is called for. You will be ok in any case. Enjoy your beer.
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    Fryer Burner and 15+ gallons?

    And the stand. For safety purposes do have an appropriate stand that will hold 15 gallons. It is my understanding that 15 gallons of boiling wort can cause some damage. Be careful.
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    I just ordered 10 lbs and paid about $17.00 in shipping. That is to Wisconsin BTW.
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    Smack Pack Question

    Go for it. Make your starter, won't harm anything. Practice is a good thing. Now, plan that brew day. Make certain you will have your starter where you want it on that brew day.