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  1. Passload

    90 min vs 60 min boil time????

    Are you doing all-grain or extract?
  2. Passload

    Opened My first All Grain Beer Tonight

    Nice, congrats on your first all grain. You mentioned hops. How were you expecting them to come through.
  3. Passload

    Letting the wort rest for 30 min after boil?

    Chill right away. No since in making your brew day any longer.
  4. Passload

    Instructions vs Experience

    After one week I would check the gravity see where it's at. Then the next few days to see if it's still changing, until it doesn't........I have left many a beer in the primary for a month or so and loved every one of them. RDWHAHB
  5. Passload

    Airlock Problems, Ruined?

    No worries it's fermenting. RDWHAHB
  6. Passload

    Priming yeast for tripel

    Should be plenty of yeast. I'd just add the priming sugar.
  7. Passload

    Bottle color, does it matter?

    Yeah, you can use clear bottles. Just keep them in the dark. Check this vid:http://www.basicbrewing.com/index.php?page=september-14-2007---skunking-beer
  8. Passload

    conditioning beer

    Well, conditioning does many things. It mellow the green taste of new beer. It lets all the different flavors come through, the smells, and character.
  9. Passload

    Steeping grains w/o Grain bag

    You could always use a colander to strain it.
  10. Passload

    Pitching yeast

    Yeah, like YooperBrew said the yeast know what to do. All is fine. RDWHAHB
  11. Passload

    secondary temp.-

    That temp will be fine. I'd say go ahead and put in the garage, everything will be fine. Remember RDWHAHB
  12. Passload

    secondary temp.-

    What type of yeast did you use? Also are you going to bottle or keg?
  13. Passload

    secondary temp.-

    Well, yes beer style can be a factor in the temps. A lower temp in the secondary will help in clearing faster(yeast fallout) (Not sure what happend with all the posts sorry)
  14. Passload

    little chilly outside

    I agree with Joker all is fine.
  15. Passload

    secondary temp.-

    I think if you hit your FG before secondary then ya sure.
  16. Passload

    Will my very clear ale carbonate?

    Of all the brews I've made, none have never not carbonated. It only takes a very small amount of yeast to do the job. Just follow the plans that you have made and wait. All should be fine. So RDWHAHB
  17. Passload

    Hot wort... uhoh

    Your beer should be fine. It takes a lot chruning to do a hot side.
  18. Passload

    where to store bottles?

    They will carb but it will take a couple of months.
  19. Passload

    First beer - Fall seems too soon

    Some of the best beers I made, have fermented with-in two days.
  20. Passload

    First beer - Fall seems too soon

    Everything with the fermentation sounds like it is right on track. As far as racking to the secondary wait the three days. RDWHAHB