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    My built-in electric brewery - Post 1

    eBay-ed Love controllers, and coffee maker timer. A more complete description is above in the original post, part 4 I believe.
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    My built-in electric brewery - Post 1

    Spa heater element is working just fine. I've probably brewed a dozen times using it, and no issues at all. I like it for it's low placement in the vessel so that there is good heat driven circulation of the water as it is heating. Despite that I use the pump under the eHLT to ensure even...
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    Pony eKeggle?

    You need about 2400 watts per hour to boil off one gallon per hour. There are on line calculators that will help determine what size elements you need. I would suggest you get the spa panel type of breaker as mentioned above, and look into PMW control. I use that on my eKeggle with great...
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    Pony eKeggle?

    I made an eHLT from a pony keg. I used a spa/hot tub heater that mounts through the bottom of the keg, using two 1/2" holes instead of the great big hole the water heater elements need. You can see some pictures of it if you search my name on this site. Be aware that the construction of the...
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    Keg Co2 Off Flavor

    seminoleAle, No, I don't carb through the liquid fitting, but through the gas fitting. I carb like many do, 30 psi, swirl the keg about for a while until I get tired, then let it sit under that pressure for 24 h, then put in fridge to cold crash. I usually carb at room temperature, some do...
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    Keg Co2 Off Flavor

    Do you purge the air from the keg before filling it? You may have an issue with oxidation as well as young beer flavors. If you haven't purged the oxygen with CO2, you are allowing the beer to suck up oxygen from the air as you fill the keg. I purge my cornies by connecting the CO2 line...
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    Crack in Mash tun

    This adhesive is not for polypropylene, it is designed for ABS,PVC and CPVC, according to the webpage. Plastics are so different to each other that what works for one is more than likely not going to work on another. Buy an new cooler.
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    Crack in Mash tun

    The cooler liner is most likely polypropylene. There are few adhesives that stick to it, and fewer still that are food grade and water and heat resistant. Do yourself a favor and buy a new cooler, and don't waste time and energy and money trying to make something stick to the cracked cooler.
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    New Rig and Efficiency Issues. Anyone up for a Challenge?

    Look at your mash tun filtering setup as well. If you have a system that is prone to channeling, you might be leaving a lot of sugar in the mash when you do a fly sparge. I would suggest you do a standard batch sparge and see what you eff is. Batch sparging is unaffected by channeling. I...
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    Clarifying Question

    Irish moss/whirlfloc in the kettle at 5 minutes, time and cold are what I use. A few days at 35 F will work to clarify most beers.
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    Is going all grain worth it ?

    I brewed with extract for 25 years before I went to all grain. The reason it took so long was due to time constraints. I raised 3 kids, worked a lot, had a lot of house and yard projects, and brewing time was at a premium. Once the kids were older, I had more time. I was brewing a partial...
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    Pickling lime>>Type S Hydrated Mason Lime

    Buy pickling lime at your grocery store/supermarket. One pound can, food grade, cheap.
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    Mounting control panel in ceiling...

    Here are some pictures of my control panel and the mounting hardware. I can't show it in the stored position, since I drilled the hole in the back for the latch pin in the wrong place, duh.
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    Mounting control panel in ceiling...

    Dgonza, I just took some pictures of the mounts, but the camera battery died; it's recharging so I can download and post them. Argh. Anyway, my ceiling is unfinished, so I cut and threaded a couple pieces of pipe to fit between two ceiling joists. The pipes are mounted to the joists...
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    Mounting control panel in ceiling...

    I used black iron pipe as my control panel support and pivot. See this thread for photos of my laundry room electric brewery. https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f170/my-built-electric-brewery-post-1-a-270722/ The control panel/box can be pivoted up to the ceiling and latched there to get to...
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    food-safe CO2 gun

    I bought a new blow gun from Sears, and have used it for purging and starting siphons for years. I have never noticed any tastes or smells from it. The rubber parts may not be food safe, but I don't care since not much is going to be extracted by the stream of CO2 going through it. Don't...
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    CO2 Volume changes

    Here's a rough estimate: volume change - convert temps to Kelvin, use PV = nRT equation, you get V1/T1 = V2/T2, so if you know V1, the headspace in your carboy, you can calculate the new gas volume V2 at T2 - say 6000 ml (1.5 gal more or less). So. V1 * T2/T1 = V2 substituting 6000 ml *...
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    double crush questions

    I crush my malt at my LHBS, and routinely double crush it. I have had no issues with stuck mashes, and it did increase my efficiency a few points. I think the rolls on the mill I use are set at 0.040" so fairly tight to begin with, but not overly so.
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    Additives, and Cancer.

    I believe most capsules are made of gelatin not silica hydrogel, which is a finely divided solid consisting of silicon dioxide. It is used as a dessicant, and in beer it complexes with haze particles, so that they grow bigger and settle out faster.
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    Corny Sanitation Question

    To answer the first question: Iodophor contains iodine, which is light-reactive. It doesn't evaporate from the solution, it is destroyed by light. The sanitizing power is lost when the color is gone from the solution.