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    D I Y Hop drier - part 1

    I have built a drier for my hops, and was asked to post some pictures of it, so here goes. The dimensions are 23" by 23" square by 16" high. The material is MDF overlay 1/2" plywood. There is an extra panel on the diagonal inside the box to diflect the hot air up more efficiently. The...
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    My built-in electric brewery - Post 1

    My electric brewery is finished, at long last. I began the design phase in mid-2007 by lurking and asking questions on a couple of forums, the greenboard and this one. I completed the construction phase about seven months ago, and have brewed nine times on the new system. I have not attempted...
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    Forming threaded lipped holes in kettles

    I added a reply to the long "Soldering Stainless Steel" thread a couple days ago describing how I had formed a tapered lip on a hole in a keg lid, and threaded it to accept a 3/8" nipple. Someone (MacBruver) asked me for pictures. I thought I'd start a new thread, so this doesn't get lost in...
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    What's the best way to purge oxygen from a keg?

    There is a generally accepted belief that beers that are drunk a few weeks after kegging or bottling won’t show oxidation-related defects. I generally don’t have beers hanging around for months, but now and then I do age an IPA or a holiday ale for 6 to 12 months. I haven’t noticed any...
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    CFC chiller cleaning

    After my last brew session I began to think that my 3/8” counter flow chiller was losing efficiency. Checking my brewing records, it showed that five years ago I could chill 5 gallons to 65 F in 20 minutes. This last time it took 30 minutes. This got me thinking that maybe stuff was building...
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    Shipping hops to/from Canada

    So, I might have a chance to trade some hops to a fellow HBTer, but he's in Canada and I'm in Minnesota. We think that there may be some restrictions about him sending me hops but we're not sure. Anyone out there had success or problems shipping hops out of Canada? What has to be done...
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    Calibrating bimetallic thermometers

    I stumbled across this webpage today while looking for something completely different. From time to time on this forum we have threads regarding calibrating dial-type (bimetallic) thermometers. I have always calibrated mine by checking the freezing point, this site claims that's wrong, and has...
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    Ballentine IPA

    Anyone 1) old enough and 2) from New England, and thus remembers Ballentine Ale, and more particularly, Ballentine India Pale Ale? Before it was watered down, and turned into BMC beer? Does anyone have an idea for a recipe starting point? I recall they used some Bullion hops, but nothing...
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    Separating hops in electric heated keggle

    Many of you have electric heated kettles/keggles, and there are lots of threads on building them. Many of you also have some sort of hop separating device in you keggle, ranging from a hopstopper to a braid to a SS scrubby. But I have not seen any threads discussing hop separation...
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    Electric Temperature controller idea

    I have been researching electric brewing control systems recently, as I start planning my own electric HLT and brew kettle. There is no way I can be considered anything but ignorant on the subject of electronic controls. But what I have gleaned so far is that I need this sort of set up: - a...
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    Number One Hundred

    I've just finished the clean-up on my 100th brew session. Started in 1983, with a couple hiatuses (hiati?) in between. This one was 5 gallons of an all-grain, all Centennial hopped IPA. Should be a reasonable approximation of Bell's Two Hearted Ale. Named it Centennial Pale Ale, of course...
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    Two Hearted Ale clone recipe opinions, please

    I found (copied and then lost the original source) what seems like a good AG clone recipe for Bell's Two Hearted Ale. The grain bill seems fine, but the hop boil times seem odd to me. Here are I hope, enough details to provide context for my question, do this hop addition schedule make sense...
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    First all grain in years

    Just finished my first AG in ten years. You folks are responsible for seducing me away from extract brewing. It went really well, though I had a struggle getting my mash-in water at the right temp. I forgot to account for the cooling effect of the cooler itself... Doh. Anyway, I now have...
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    Which IBU calculator do you use & why?

    Well, the title says is all. In the past, I have always made my own recipes up, based on fond memories of beers drunk in the past, so I haven't paid any attention to IBUs. I have used AAUs, since these are self consistent within my little brewing world. Now, based on reading the long SNPA...
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    Controlling heater elements

    Hello folks, First post on this forum, so a short intro. I'm an extract-for-the-most-part brewer, have been beermakin' since 1983, and have the notebooks to prove it... I make top fermented ales, mostly bitters and some porters. I have converted part (well, most) of our utility room to a...