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    First all grain batch (SG too high)

    Looks about right to me with 1# of lactose the yeast will not touch it they leave it all in the beer for you!
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    Swiss lager, s-189

    I have used 189 at least a dozen time. The slowest start I have had was around 40 to 48 hours when pitching in the low 50s and I didn't bring the yeast down to pitching temps after rehydrating. I'm sure I shocked the yeast slowing them down!
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    Who's smoking meat this weekend?

    I had a crack in my fire box due to heat. I went to my local BBQ store they had me send a pic in an email with when and where I purchased it and they got me a new one under warranty and shipped it to the store for free no questions asked!!!
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    I wish I had never bought...

    My Beer Gun. I keg everything and then I am to lazy to bottle anything! It dose work very well, but its like the treadmill in the basement its only good if you us it!
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    1 GALLON starter?!?!

    You can all so make a 1 gallon batch of beer. Then harvest the yeast off of that and then you can drink your "starter"!
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    My kegged beer tastes stale!

    What I was getting at is you maybe staling the beer when you are kegging. I don't think you have an infection two different problems.
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    My kegged beer tastes stale!

    By stale dose it have the cardboard taste? Are you purging your kegs with CO2 before you fill them? Dose your wife taste the beer at kegging and if so dose she like it?
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    Azzaca and el dorado opinions

    Some times my IPAs don't have much aroma until they clear up weird but give it some time.
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    What size mason jars for harvesting/washing?

    I like Quart jars for 5 or 10 gallon batch size and if you need more space just use 2 jars.
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    Belgian Session Suggestions

    Looks good to me I really like the Abbey II if you like it and rebrew it try some American hops I like Amarillo and Citra you don't need a lot they just add a nice twist to the beer.
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    oxygenate and repitch, or just repitch

    I have made a similar split batch with safale 04 and safale 05 and the 04 finished around 1.028 and the 05 finished around 1.020 so don't sweat it
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    WLP001 Question

    I think WLP 001 is a very clean yeast so if you can keep the temp close to 68 to 70 it should be good just let it ride! Good luck and just let the yeast do its job.
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    WLP001 Question

    Don't worry it may take 24 to 36 hours or more with out a starter just give it some time.
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    Maryland Mager 40A SSR and Heatsink

    You should hang on to it I had 1 burn up on me having a spare saved my brew day!
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    Wheres the 2.5 Gallon Brewer'$???

    I like to use a 2.5 gallon BIAB batch as a big starter and repitch my yeast into a 10 gallon batch. I like to make Smash beer to understand all my malts hops and yeast. This size of batch works out perfect for pitching 1 vial of yeast and then into a 10 gallon according to Mr. Malty.
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    First time using Abbey Ale 530?

    Belgium Blonde Ale
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    First time using Abbey Ale 530?

    I have use this yeast in 2 beers I made a starter for the first batch and repitched more yeast in the second batch. The first batch I kept @ 66 degrees and the second batch I kept @ 70. I liked the higher pitch rate with the higher temp IMO.
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    For you conical fermenter owners...

    just try it if you don't like it sell! I love mine!