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    Hot yeast.

    So, I got my beer kit from AHS and it had speed over the weekend. The liquid yeast sat in hot warehouse all weekend. when I finally got it out of the box it had to be between 80-90°. I put it in the refrigerator right away. So, the obvious question is... Is my yeast going to be ok? Thank you
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    Stuck fermentation?

    Ok so here's the deal. I brewed up a batch of beer about two and a half weeks ago. Fermentation was going great, then it kinda came to a stand still. The beer was a christmas ale, I know I'm running behind! Starting gravity was 1.065, and it has stopped at 1.018. The yeast I used was Fermentis...
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    Alternative to Buckwheat honey?

    Ok so I have a recipe that calls for 3 lbs of buckwheat honey. 3lbs would be like 20 something bucks and I would like to try to do this recipe on a budget. Can I substitute 2 1/2 lbs of clover honey and 1/2 lbs of molasses? Thanks!
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    Question about charred oak cubes.

    I have some whiskey barrels that didn't pass an air test. They are charred on the inside. I was already planning on making a bourbon barrel porter before I got these. My question is, can I use them with the charring on the inside or should I just order oak cubes? They will be cut up, so I...
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    Pumkin Beer Idea...

    So AHS has a Spiced Porter, I was thinking of turning that into a Pumkin Porter. Maybe adding 2-3 cans of pumkin to the mash, and possibly another spice packet from AHS. Would this work or would it wind up tasting awful!? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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    New Bench Capper not working.

    So I got this deluxe Agata bench capper from AHS and everytime I pull the lever down the cap gets wedged in the bell. The bottle is capped but the bottle and cap stay in the bell. I'm sure its the right size bell for the caps and I don't think I am using it wrong. Any tips?
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    I think i got a good deal.

    So I know someone who used to brew, he said I could buy some stuff from him, cause it was in the way. I got a new hydrometer, lots of books and magazines, four 5 gallon carboys, one 6 gallon carboy, 8 cornie kegs, a full cylinder of co2 with regulator, 4 picnic taps, a 15 gallon brew pot with...
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    Will a turkey fryer work?

    My dad has a turkey fryer that he doesn't use anymore and I was wondering if I could use it as a burner for a quarter barrel that I was planning to use as a brew pot. Would it work? Would the pot be good for anything?
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    pear wine

    Ok so I normaly make beer but a friend gave me 20 to 30 lbs of pears. I figured I'd make some wine. I thought about adding some apple juice or cider to it for some flavor. Any thoughts? Anything else I should do to make this wine awesome... Since its my first.
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    15 lbs of pears. incorporate into Apfelwien?

    I got like 15 lbs of pears from a friend at work and I wanted to incorporate them into an Apfelwien. Is this possible with out using the pectin enzyme and campden tablets? Or should I just go for a pear wine? (Which I am nervous about doing since I have never made wine)
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    Wanting to do an Octoberfest without lagering.

    So I want to do an Octoberfest but I don't want to lager. Is there an Ale yeast that would work well? Thanks for all your help!
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    what to do with a quarter barrel.

    Just like it says, I found a quarter barrel and I didn't know if it was too small to make a boil pot out of it. Any suggestions?
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    Stupid question, probably already know the answer.

    I got ahold of dome 15 gallon jugs from a hotel. They used to hold laundry detergent. Would they work as fermenters if cleaned out good enough? Also I forgot what number what needs to be inside the recycle sign on the bottom. They have a number 2.
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    Dr Pepper stout?

    At some point somewhere I had heard of a Dr Pepper Stout. I can not remember where! SWMBO loves Dr Pepper and I was hoping someone could clue me in on where I saw this, it does sound interesting.
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    Bottling my first Lager

    I know stupid question but...do I just bottle at the low temp or do I let it warm up? Thanks!
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    Cold Crashing?

    I am pretty sure I understand that cold crashing helps clarify beer but I am not quite sure of the process. Can someone fill me in?
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    Double batch... Double yeast?

    If I make a 10 gallon batch do I need to buy extra yeast or can I make a large starter?
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    What are the differences in copper grades?

    I was wanting to build a wort chiller and found several grades of copper. I am familiar with they grade M but I also found UG (utility grade) do you think this copper is much different and would it be bad for the wort. I found it on www.doitbest.com
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    Honey in Apfelwien

    Instead of adding 2 lbs of corn sugar to Edworts Apfelwien I want to use honey. How much honey would I use in place of the corn sugar?
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    How big should my kettle be?

    I have been doing extract but am really wanting to move into partial mash. How big of a pot do I need. The one I have now is about 4 gallons.