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  1. bberryhill98

    Johnson Control A419

    I have two Johnson Controls for sale. $35 each. Controls and probes work fine. Leaving the country and having to sell off my brew equipment.
  2. bberryhill98

    For Sale - Triple Tap Kegerator $600

    24" Wide Triple Tap Black Kegerator Moving out of the country and can't take it with me. Birmingham, Al (205) 451-9643
  3. bberryhill98

    3 Tap Kegerator

    Kegco Three Tao kegerator - $600 Moving out of the country and can’t take it with me. Located in Birmingham Al call 205-451-9643
  4. bberryhill98

    For Sale Grainfather 30L 120v $600

    Moving out of the country and can't take my Grainfather with me. Used it about 1/2 dozen times and cleaned it thoroughly after each use. It has the bluetooth connect control box. $600 plus shipping if necessary. I am in Birmingham, Alabama. Still have the original boxing.