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    Good PH Meters

    I was going to buy other things before getting an actual meter, but currently one of my business ventures because I am selling a prepared sauce to food institutions will necessitate the use of a good PH Meter. Obviously I can then use it for beer as well. Point being, there are a lot out...
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    Yeast: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation (absolutely wonderful)

    Yesterday I got in the book Yeast: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation, by Jamil. I just wanted to say, and I am sure it has been said here before, but this is a great read, and if you are culturing yeast, or wanting to culture yeast, or even just interested in the magic that you put in...
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    From Hot Sauce to Beer, to an LLC

    I just wanted to share some things that have happened with me in the past short bit that I started brewing. Many years ago I had a hobby of making small batch hot sauce, and about 4 years ago I started growing all of my own peppers, and vegetables to use in the hot sauce. My roommate and I...
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    Stir Bars

    So I made a stir plate recently, tested it out with a magnetic bar I had, and it works great. Well now I am buying flasks and stir-bars, so a bit of advice I thought. Stir bars - I know they are cheap and easily found, but what about the cross ones, do you guys prefer those over a standard...
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    Spent Grain Compost

    Do any of you use your spent grain for compost for hop growth, in my preliminary studies of Hop nutritional needs, It has high demands for nitrogen, and potassium, (though not much causal links I can find with phosphorous), point being spent grains yield a decent amount of nitrogen, more so than...
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    Typical Belgian Ales Fermentation Temperatures

    I have seen a lot of varied input on different style fermentations. Most of the time I ferment at about 66-68. With Belgian ales (which I love), a lot of people seem to suggest higher fermentation temperatures. I am just finished an Abbey, and am going to do a Belgian Strong this Sunday...
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    Some questions

    I have some questions I would like some feedback on if it is convenient. I am a new brewer, I started around Christmas. Started with two PM's, one Extract, and now have done 2 AGs, and will be doing my 3rd AG this weekend. A Synopsis 73-76% efficiency on my AG Brews 5 Gal (will hold...
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    My first five brewing experiences

    Hi, I've been gleaning a lot from these forums along with other books and internet resources, so I thought it would be a good time to share my experiences. I recently started brewing at Christmas time, what started out as a harmless inquest has reared its head instead into a fearsome and...