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    Bored and drinking? How about a game?

    http://www.addictinggames.com/fratboybeerpong.html If you actually do "play along" with this game, it'll wreck ya!
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    What's the word?

    Thunderbird! Before I get crucified, I know it's a bottle of aggaravated assault for the senses. However, it is a legitimate commercial product that can be critiqued in an emipirical manner. Since this niche appears largely unexplored here, I'm going to accept the inclusion of Night Train...
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    Young's Double Chocolate clone w/extract?

    Does anyone have or know of an extract recipe similar Young's? I dont think there is a stout I like better and figured it would be a good winter/holiday undertaking. I did multiple searches and came up fairly empty. I found references to Young's and a few chocolate stout recipes, but nothing...
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    Can you I.D. this Firestone keg?

    As you can see by post count I havent been around long, but I look forward to gaining insight from everyone and offering assistance when I can. Anyway, I've had this 10 gallon keg for a few years, but cant find any info on in and thus, have never used it. Its a Firestone with Sani-Brite finish...