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  1. Logan

    Long Diacetyl Rest

    I'm brewing a very standard German Pils. 11 lbs of pilsner 2 row and Wyeast 2124 Bohemian Lager. Used a starter. Fermentation began on 4/19 at 50 degrees and it fermented nicely for two weeks and then slowed down as expected. I brought it up to 68 over the course of about a week. Couldn't get...
  2. Logan

    Single Tier HERMS Feedback

    I'm designing a single-tier brew rig Dual 5.5KW heating elements Dual pump Recirculating HLT (for faster strike) Auto Sparge MLT Counter-flow chiller 15 gallon boil, 10 gallon MLT, 10 gallon HLT. Camlock hoses (purple) 304 Stainless ball-valves, tees & fittings. In addition to general...
  3. Logan

    Arctic King 7

    Today I got everything up and running. No real surprises on sizes so far. I haven't been able to test it at capacity yet. Hump height capacity came right in around 25-3/8" with a 2x6 collar. I've attached a bunch of photos to help give a visual of the interior. I want to keep the tank outside...
  4. Logan

    Arctic King 7

    I saw some folks discussing the Arctic King 5 (link) but I couldn't find anyone discussing the larger 7 cu. ft. model: Arctic King 7 (WHS-258C1WSB). Walmart sells this freezer for $198 in white or $219 in black. It was the only 7 cu. ft. freezer available in black that I found at the time of my...
  5. Logan

    Head "Stickiness"

    5.50 lb Dark Dry Extract 1.00 lb Roasted Barley 1.50 oz Cascade [8.50 %] (60 min) SafAle S-04 I've tried with a couple different glasses - same thing. I mean its not really a "problem" per say but I was just kind of curious was affected it.
  6. Logan

    Head "Stickiness"

    Yes - I suppose thats why my searches didn't retrun anything hehe. So what affects lacing independently? Like I said I got a great head, but no lacing.
  7. Logan

    Head "Stickiness"

    No no not head retention - head stickiness! :D My beer has a very large head that stays put for a good amount of time. However when you tip the glass to drink the head follows the liquid. In other words I have a great head on my beer - but I don't get the notched effect that you get as you...
  8. Logan

    My experience thus far

    I just cracked open a stout a made a while back and I can finally say I have a beer ready to drink. It has been a long time since mid December when I started tossing around the idea of brewing my own beer but as I sit here sipping my first brew (of my 2nd batch) I can say it has been worth it...
  9. Logan

    My first brew...

    Well judging by your shirt I can see why you made those mistakes! :D Only kidding. Congrats on the brew and welcome to the addiction. I recomend brewing more asap - you'll thank me when you drink up all of your first batch.
  10. Logan

    Indentifying Off Flavor

    I bottled right from primary - I'm not really sure how clean it was. So is the time it is taking to clear up a result of my yeast choice?
  11. Logan

    Indentifying Off Flavor

    Makes sense - I guess I was a little confused because it has been in bottles for about 6 weeks and I'm still tasting it some. I would have thought with such a simple recipe 3 weeks would have been plenty of time. So I was starting to think there were other causes.
  12. Logan

    Indentifying Off Flavor

    Recipe: 2.00 lb Amber Dry Extract 3.00 lb Pale Liquid Extract 1.50 oz Cascade [8.50 %] (60 min) 0.60 oz Cascade [8.50 %] (15 min) SafAle S-05 For a few weeks it had this awful aftertaste. I've noticed it is starting to subside. I couldn't figure out what it was for a...
  13. Logan

    Baby Momma Drama

    I went through all these things from the age of 5 until the day I turned 18. Only advice I have is try your best to keep your children out of the fights. My dad never involved me while my mom constantly would bad mouth my dad and drag me into their fights - not something I ever enjoyed. You...
  14. Logan

    What Am I Missing? Tower Prices

    After seeing that I looked around some and I suppose most of the connections and faucets in a tower add up - just didn't seem like all that much was involved. That stuff is expensive..
  15. Logan

    What Am I Missing? Tower Prices

    Why are towers so expensive? Are they not just a metal tube with some faucets attatched to them? Why not just make your own and save money?
  16. Logan

    How many atmospheres..

    I've been going with what John Palmer says for my first two batches (APA and ESB) but tonight I'm bottling a stout. I put some numbers into a calculator and it said to use 2.11oz (1.8 volumes of CO2) when I have been using 5.25oz (3.0 volumes of CO2) of cane sugar. I would like to use the...
  17. Logan

    Trying to Identify Off-Flavor

    After reading your comments I think it is the "yeast bite". I was bottling last night and tasted the last of the siphon run that had some trub in it - it tasted like a much stronger version of what I was talking about. One more thing though - if beer is infected will it smell infected or...
  18. Logan

    Trying to Identify Off-Flavor

    I fermented at room temp. I keep the thermostat around 68-70. So it was prob a bit cooler than that as it was in a closet. All of my equipment is new. I sanitize pretty religiously with Star San and clean with OxyClean. Do you think the sour is infection? If that were the case wouldn't it get...
  19. Logan

    Trying to Identify Off-Flavor

    I made an american pale ale 4 weeks ago (2 weeks primary/2 weeks in bottles). I'm still waiting for it to condition in the bottle. When I tasted it two weeks ago before bottling it has a very sour/bitter flavor. I opened one to see how it had changed tonight. This sour/bitter flavor has mellowed...
  20. Logan

    Warning: Do Not Brew Without Shoes

    Still missin' my shoes..