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  1. Hound_Dog

    Going to St. Louis in a few weeks

    Schlafly taproom or bottleworks? Any other good beer that I should try?
  2. Hound_Dog

    good brewing iPhone app?

    Anyone know of any good iPhone apps geared toward brewing?
  3. Hound_Dog

    Shelf life of GF beer

    My friend's mother has a gluten allergy, and asked me about brewing beer that is GF. My buddy and I were thinking of brewing her a 3 gallon batch of something, but were concerned about the shelf life. She doesn't drink very often, and we're worried that it may not age very well. Those of you...
  4. Hound_Dog

    LAMP I got some free stuff

    So yesterday my dad told me he had a few surprises for me. Turns out it was four 5 gallon pyrex carboys. Three are graduated, and all four have a clear rubber like coating on them. Also an 8 gallon stainless pot. The only problem is that the openings on the carboys are large. Like 2.5 inch. I'll...
  5. Hound_Dog

    I forgot my graff

    So I made a batch of graff on Halloween last year. I kinda forgot about it until a month or so ago. So it's been in bottles for three weeks and man is it tasty. I was a bit curious about how well it would hold up, but it's still very good. This is one of the better mistakes that I've made in a...
  6. Hound_Dog

    email a recipe file from beersmith?

    Is it possible to email a recipe file from beersmith to a friend who also uses the program? I have tried searching, but have not found my answer. TIA.
  7. Hound_Dog

    Bell's 5l mini keg

    Does anyone know if the Bell's mini kegs are charged with CO2? A friend of mine had been wondering because he found one at a store near his house.
  8. Hound_Dog

    Pumped up for Decatur tomorrow

    I just have to say it. I'm really excited for the Decatur craft beer festival tomorrow. I just saw a list of breweries and now i'm even more excited. Anyone else going to be there?
  9. Hound_Dog

    So I'm getting a free vacuum pump

    I wanted to know if anyone has tried to transfer to a secondary in a carboy by pulling vacuum on the carboy and letting it pull the beer over. It seems like it could work very well with little to no chance of aeration. Any thoughts?
  10. Hound_Dog

    I'm going to have a little brew buddy.

    I just found out today that I'm going to have a little BOY :ban:
  11. Hound_Dog

    I have a problem

    I can't decide Bell's Pale Ale x 3 Bell's Amber x 1 Bell's Porter x 2 Magic Hat #9 x 4 Magic Hat HIPA x 4 French Broad Altbier x 1 French Broad Rye Hopper x 1 French Broad 13 Rebels x 2 Bridgeport IPA x 1 Anchor Merry Christmas '08 x 5 Anchor Merry Christmas '07 x 4 Anchor Merry...
  12. Hound_Dog

    What a wonderful night for a beer.

    Right now I'm brewing Orfy's Mild Mannered ale (or something close to it). It's about 65 outside with a cool light breeze. I'm sipping on a New Belgium Hoptober, and life could not be better right now. I'm thinking It should be dubbed the Mild Fall Evening Ale.
  13. Hound_Dog

    Ha! SWMBO was just an answer on Jeopardy

    Just though everyone should know.
  14. Hound_Dog

    Need help with a grain bill

    So I will be teaching my cousins husband how to brew all grain in a few weeks and he said he wanted to brew an American Amber. He said that he would like to brew something similar to Bell's Amber. I pieced together a rough recipe and would like your expert knowledge of grain character to see if...
  15. Hound_Dog

    Help me determine the source of a flavor.

    So I recently brewed Ed's Kolsch. I tasted my first one last night and it was fantastic, and I found myself wondering where part of the flavor came from. It was a kind of strawberry grapefruit note. It was subtle, but added a nice finish to the beer. I used the WLP029 Kolsch yeast and fermented...
  16. Hound_Dog

    Mashing in right now!

    So I'm on vacation this week, and what a better way to kick things off than brewing a Two Hearted clone! I just took a sample of the first all grain beer that I made (Ed's Haus Pale Ale dry hopped with 1 oz whole leaf cascade for two weeks) and it tastes amazing already. I can't wait to bottle...
  17. Hound_Dog

    Yeast cropping

    I'm planning on trying a spontaneous fermentation later this year, and if it works I would like to save some of the yeast. I have an idea of a way to crop a sample of yeast to save. The reason I devised this plan is that I've heard that if top cropping yeast that it isn't recommended to hold on...
  18. Hound_Dog

    Revvy is right... a lesson in RDWHAHB

    So on Friday I brewed my second all grain batch, Ed's Kolsch. The brew day went flawlessly I hit all of my temps and gravities. For the first time with this batch I made a starter using WLP029. The starter worked great and after 36 hours I had a nice layer of yeast settling a bit. I cold crashed...
  19. Hound_Dog

    Danstar Munich

    Does anyone know a recommended temperature range for Danstar Munich. I've searched everywhere and can't find anything. I've got the water in my swamp cooler down to 55-58 degrees and my fermometer strip is showing 58 degrees and I'm wondering if I'm way too cold or what?
  20. Hound_Dog

    French Broad Gateway Kolsch

    This beer is fantastic. I was in North Carolina a few weeks ago to visit a friend and I decided to pick up some local beer. I bought a bomber of each of the French Broad beers. It's around 90 degrees here today so I was in the mood for something light and refreshing, and this beer hit the spot...