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  1. EamusCatuli

    PBW Residue

    Hey all, I just cleaned most of my brewery with PBW left over night in a 1oz to 5 gallon ratio. After rinsing it all off as well as I could I noticed some white "stone" looking residue that comes off with a little elbow grease. Problem is that elbow grease doesn't work for things like hoses...
  2. EamusCatuli

    Water Profiles

    So I am getting more and more into tweaking my water. My plan is to start building it from DI/ RO water depending on the style of beer. While I can handle it, I am no chemist. Considering all DI/RO water is essentially the same, shouldn't there be SOME sort of calculator out there that takes...
  3. EamusCatuli

    Brewing with Brett

    Hey all, I am brewing a Brett on Thursday. Since it's a "wild" yeast, should I keep it separate from all my regular equipment and keep everything relating to this beer on a "private equipment island" of sorts? Thanks!
  4. EamusCatuli

    Kegged too early, RDWHAHB?

    Hey all, I kegged my steam lager too early tonight. I usually never check my FG until after I have kegged my beers and clean everything up. I suppose I should start doing it beforehand from now on after seeing that it was only at 1.020!!! Anywhoo, I just released the force carb'd pressure...
  5. EamusCatuli

    Easy Yeast Starter Question

    Made a yeast starter on 1/1, but ended up not brewing on 1/2 as planned. I threw it in the fridge (there was activity) hoping I can sit it out on my next planned brewday and use it ala carte. Most likely on Saturday. Is there any extra steps I would need to take?
  6. EamusCatuli

    Fermentation temps AFTER primary...

    How much do they matter? My ferm. chamber can only handle one 5gal bucket at a time and if I only go one beer at a time then I am looking at 3-4 weeks between brewing sessions (over my dead body!) So, if I allow each primary 7-10 days at proper fermentation temps and then take them out to sit at...
  7. EamusCatuli

    Can I use a Corny Keg as a Primary Fermenter?

    My fermentation chamber can only hold one 5 gallon ale pale, which sucks. However, I have a bunch of corny kegs and I could fit around 3 of them inside it instead. If I purged it everyday, couldn't this work? Thanks, Matt
  8. EamusCatuli

    American Brown Ale bottling

    I have an American Brown Ale that started at 1.050 and will finish around 1.013 (5 gal). It has been fermenting for 7 days at 67F. Please help me with my bottling plans. I plan to: - Rack to secondary and ferment an extra 7 days at 67F to finish and clear - Transfer from secondary to...
  9. EamusCatuli

    Did I bottle too soon?

    My Hefeweizen started at 1.066 and ended at 1.014. I fermented at 61F for 10 days and went straight to the bottles. I used 4oz of corn sugar for priming 5 gallons of beer. They sat at room temperate (68-70F) after bottling. Because I had a good feeling about this beer I could not resist to...
  10. EamusCatuli

    Pilsner Questions

    Hello! I finally have a fermentation chamber so I can brew lagers and pilsners! Woot! I want to brew a bohemian pilsner first, but I have some questions that I hope to answer. BJCP says ingredients should include - Soft water with low mineral content, Saaz hops, Moravian malted...
  11. EamusCatuli

    Hop Rocket/ Randalizer Trouble

    I think I diagnosed my own problem, but its still worth the post. I put my Hop Rocket in-line on my kegerator for my new IPA. I used 2oz Centennial Leaf hops. The beer had an off taste that I can only describe as "cheesy." I know this taste and smell from hops that are getting too old. I took...
  12. EamusCatuli

    Hefeweizen Step Mashing

    Hey all, My recipe calls to mash at 104 for 10 minutes, 125 for 20 minutes, 150 for 60 minutes, mash out at 168. I have never done step mashing, only single infusion and decoctions. I have a 20 gallon Rubbermaid MLT and a 20 gallon Kettle (also a 7.5 gal and 5 gal kettle). What are the...
  13. EamusCatuli

    Emergency - Mold on Kettle

    So my shiny new 20 gallon kettle has a problem - mold. I used it for the first time 2 weeks ago. I cleaned it afterwards, put the lid on and closed the closet door until today when I finally have time to brew. Lo and behold there was mold on the thermometer and ball valve. Crap. I must...
  14. EamusCatuli

    Just used my new HopRocket

    BTW - this is my first post in a while, good to be back. I highly recommend the HopRocket, its easy and super utility weapon to have in your arsenal. I used it as a hopback for my IPA, cant wait to use it for a randallizer. Woot.
  15. EamusCatuli

    Keg Cleaning

    Hey all, Without getting torn apart too much...I have never bought the expensive kegerator line cleaning kits thinking that giving all the components a once over with oxi-clean would work just as well every 2-3 kegs worth of beer. I have been noticing that my beer has been tasting a lot...
  16. EamusCatuli

    Yeast Starting w/o DME

    Hey all, I want to start making yeast starters for my brews (after 3 years, idiotic I know) and I only have Corn Sugar/ Dextrose - can this work as a replacement to using DME? I live in Chicago without a car and the only HBS is in West Jesus - reaaalllly wanting to avoid making the trip...
  17. EamusCatuli

    Using old hops?

    I was lucky enough to brew with a masterbrewer today at the Cincinnati Rockbottom and he let me take home a ton of "out of inventory" hops. They are all about a year (maybe more) old and I just wanted to know what purposes they may still serve. I got a bunch of Centennial, not much smell...
  18. EamusCatuli

    Using old A/C unit for Fermentation unit?

    I have an old AC window unit that I do not use anymore but is just sitting around. If I build an insulated box around it (so that it would hook onto the side as if it were in a window) would it make a good fermentation chamber? I think I can set for as low as 58F, which is at least good enough...
  19. EamusCatuli

    Anybody got a good "Sake" recipe/ process?

    I was wanting to make some sake for fun. I have done some research on it and could probably do it with what I know, but I always like to ask the HBT boards first.... Does anybody have a sure-fire proven method for Sake making? Thanks
  20. EamusCatuli

    False Bottom problem's...

    I just installed a new false bottom for my FlyGuy MLT and its damn near impossible to keep grains from seeping through into the wort. I vorlauf like 5-6 times and still grains are coming through. a) will this be a huge issue? b) whats an idea to fix it? Thanks!