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  1. kornbread

    "leftovers" to make a mild

    I'm on "Staycation" this week and I've decided to do some brewing. I brewed a Foreign extra stout on Monday. Then on Wed. I handn't had my fill of brewing so I checked my stockpile of brewing ingredients and came up with the following made from various leftovers: OG: 1.039 IBU...
  2. kornbread

    Thinking about a kindle but the books are $$$

    My daughter has a Kindle and she loves it. So much so that I've been kind of wanting one of my own. I recently discovered that I could cash in some S&H Greenpoints and get enough in Amazon Gift cards to cover the cost of the unit. My only hesitation is the cost of the books. I buy most of...
  3. kornbread

    extension cord to fridge?

    We are moving soon and the new place has a building out back that will someday, after I finish all of my other inside work, become a brew-pub. But, for now I'm going to be using it for a place to store my brewing stuff. I have a fermentation fridge that I want to use but, there is no...
  4. kornbread

    very thin oatmeal stout

    I brewed Jamil's oatmeal stout recipe. I scaled it down a bit because my efficiency is typically in the low 80s. I mashed at 155 and every thing seemed to go fine. My OG was two points lower than expected. (1.051) I changed the yeast because I had a tube of wlp004 and I fermented it...
  5. kornbread

    I found this on the side of the road. Now what?

    I was driving along yesterday on the way to meet up with some guys from my homebrew club to pick up my grain from group buy. I looked off to the left and I saw a pile of junk beside the road and I noticed the pile contained a pony keg. I turned around a went back and picked it up. I'm...
  6. kornbread

    brewing over a wood fire.

    With fall approaching I find my self wanting to cook something over a wood fire. My father-in-law used to cook a stew outdoors over a wood fired pot every fall. The stew was great, but to me, the real fun was the cooking. He's long gone now and my brothers and I cook a stew outdoors every...
  7. kornbread

    My first Parti

    I listened to the Jamil podcasts about Fuller's London Pride and ESB. I absolutely love the ESB and I would love to get something close. The general consensus was that to get the true ESB you'd need to do a parti-gyle. But, to me, most of the information on parti-gyle brewing is just...
  8. kornbread

    Kentucky's best kept secret

    http://www.wimp.com/snappingturtles/ I hate to admit it but, It looks kind of fun.
  9. kornbread

    I love finding a new beer that I enjoy!

    I'm sitting here looking at an empty glass of Fuller's ESB and wishing like hell I bought more than just one. I'm not much of a hop head so the "B" in ESB made me a little hesitant to buy more than one in a mixed sixer the other day. Damn!
  10. kornbread

    I need a recipe

    I was planning on brewing an Alt tomorrow. I picked up the wrong vial of yeast at the LHBS today and they are not open on Sunday. I'd still like to brew tomorrow but I don't want to try a "German" alt with "English" ale yeast. I'm wondering if you guys could suggest a recipe/style from the...
  11. kornbread

    Accidental Decoction

    I bought a grain mill a couple of weeks ago and I've been dying to use it. So, when my feet hit the floor yesterday morning I had brewing on my mind. Ive been planning to brew a Classic American Pilsner for a few weeks and I've listened to Jamil's pod cast several times. I decided to try a...
  12. kornbread

    beersmith/efficiency question?

    I downloaded a trial copy of Beersmith. It looks cool but I'm not sure how much I would use it. Anyhow, I just finished an all grain brew. I punched the numbers into Beersmith to see what my efficiency was. It shows three different numbers. Actual efficiency: 95.36 % Efficiency...
  13. kornbread

    Is it time for a new cooler?

    Mission Aborted: I woke up this morning excited about brew day. Today I was supposed to be brewing my 1st lager. This would be my first brew day in 7 months. I got my stuff out, cleaned it up, and begun heating my strike water. Once I was up to temp. I dumped it in to my cooler to...
  14. kornbread

    Powerball lump sum???

    I just saw a Powerball winner on the morning news. He won 141 Million dollars. He took the lump sum and got 47 Million after taxes. Thats a 94 Million dollar difference. I'm not sure what percentage of that 94 Mil was taxes, but that's a BIG difference. I've never looked into it myself...
  15. kornbread

    Coleman Xtreme - California chemical warning

    I'm thinking of using a cooler to build an electric HLT. I was looking at the Coleman X-Treme 50 qt cooler today. ($34 at Wally World) I noticed a warning label that said something like: "This cooler contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer." So, now I'm doubting...
  16. kornbread

    If it doesn't taste terrible, I'm gonna drink it.

    I brewed ten gallons of cream ale. It's a slightly modified version of "Biermuncher's Cream of three crops" It was brewed the second weekend in June and it's been in the primary ever since. (about four months total.) I was able to maintain the temps pretty well for the first couple of...
  17. kornbread

    Imersion chiller spacing

    I have a '50 immersion chiller. My procedure has been to place the chiller in the pot about :15 mins. before the end of the boil. At flameout I whirlpool the wort very well. Then turn on the chiller. This worked fine until I started making 10 gallon batches. Once I've whirlpooled the wort...
  18. kornbread

    Vienna Lager

    My new Johnson Controls A419 temperature controller arrived today. So, naturally, I'm thinking of trying my first Lager. Since I really enjoy Dos equis amber and Negra Modelo, I've decided to make a Mexican Lager my first attempt. After listening to the Basic Brewing podcast about Vienna...
  19. kornbread

    How does this Honey Wheat look?

    I'm wanting to make an American Wheat for our beach vacation this June. ( I can't wait! :ban: ) I found an extract recipe for a "honey wheat" that looks pretty good. But, I wanted to do an All-Grain version. After playing around with Beer Calculus: OG: 1.048 (1.043 – 1.050) FG...
  20. kornbread

    Big Beer - 2.5 Gal batch

    I'm brewing a Chocolate Imperial Stout later this week. It's a pretty big beer (OG: 1.100) and I'll be using White Labs WLP007. I've decided to make a half batch (2.5 Gals.) since 5 gals would be very expensive. My original plan was to use my Mr. Beer fermenter. Then I got to thinking that...