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  1. Hound_Dog

    Going to St. Louis in a few weeks

    Schlafly taproom or bottleworks? Any other good beer that I should try?
  2. Hound_Dog

    Large Giveaway - Fermenter, Mash Paddles, Thermapen

    Hound_Dog over there.
  3. Hound_Dog

    good brewing iPhone app?

    Anyone know of any good iPhone apps geared toward brewing?
  4. Hound_Dog

    Mash Paddle Giveaway

    I'm in.
  5. Hound_Dog

    Birth-Year Beer?

    I merely hope to be able to re-brew the golden strong ale that I brewed for my son when he gets older. As for now the two I saved will be for his first birthday.
  6. Hound_Dog

    Shelf life of GF beer

    My friend's mother has a gluten allergy, and asked me about brewing beer that is GF. My buddy and I were thinking of brewing her a 3 gallon batch of something, but were concerned about the shelf life. She doesn't drink very often, and we're worried that it may not age very well. Those of you...
  7. Hound_Dog

    LAMP I got some free stuff

    I'm sure that I can make them work, but I'll keep you in mind KC ;). I also think that he may still have more, I'll just have to go dig them out of storage with him.
  8. Hound_Dog

    LAMP I got some free stuff

    So yesterday my dad told me he had a few surprises for me. Turns out it was four 5 gallon pyrex carboys. Three are graduated, and all four have a clear rubber like coating on them. Also an 8 gallon stainless pot. The only problem is that the openings on the carboys are large. Like 2.5 inch. I'll...
  9. Hound_Dog

    Day 3 with no beer

    I'm on day 11 right now. Damn post surgical instructions.
  10. Hound_Dog

    Belgian Golden Strong Ale Pink Elephant (Delirium Tremens clone)

    I brewed this over Thanksgiving weekend, and just tried it last week. It is fantastic. Nice smooth drinking beer with a mild spicy flavor. It has been a big hit with the visitors this past weekend.
  11. Hound_Dog

    Stainless Coiled or straight tubing?

    What exactly are you using the tubing for?
  12. Hound_Dog

    I forgot my graff

    So I made a batch of graff on Halloween last year. I kinda forgot about it until a month or so ago. So it's been in bottles for three weeks and man is it tasty. I was a bit curious about how well it would hold up, but it's still very good. This is one of the better mistakes that I've made in a...
  13. Hound_Dog

    email a recipe file from beersmith?

    Is it possible to email a recipe file from beersmith to a friend who also uses the program? I have tried searching, but have not found my answer. TIA.
  14. Hound_Dog

    What's your favorite "I need it fast" beer?

    Chalk up one more vote for Orfy's Mild Mannered Ale. It was a huge hit around my house.
  15. Hound_Dog

    Overcarbed Keg? Here's an INSTANT SOLUTION!

    This is a bit of a zombie thread, but I just wanted to comment that I just tried the flip upside down technique, and it worked perfectly.
  16. Hound_Dog

    RI/MA Folks...Life & Limb Tapping Event!

    I thought the life and limb was only in bottles. The limb and life is the one on draught.
  17. Hound_Dog

    Favorite Christmas/ Winter Beers

    Anchor's Our Special Ale. It tastes great with some home made chocolate chip cookies.
  18. Hound_Dog

    Labels that make you pass up a beer

    I will never buy any beers from Schmaltz brewing. Their labels make my head hurt. Also I find that the labels on Smuttynose beers fit what's inside. The labels look like they were made with MS paint or something with a picture glued in the middle. Honestly the main thing about labels...
  19. Hound_Dog

    Pets...And Why We Love Them (Pay Homage Here)

    Ha, my wife made my beagle wear that same costume for halloween this year.
  20. Hound_Dog

    Up On a Mountain Top

    That's just awesome. Although, I wonder what temp water boils at at 14000 feet?