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    nOOb dumb kegging question #2.

    I hear people refer to "chest freezers". You really want a chest "REFRIGERATOR", right, not a "FREEZER"? :confused:
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    nOOb dumb kegging question #1.

    Do I have to keep the beer in the corny keg cold immediately, or can it be stored at room temperature until it is ready to go into the kegerator?
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    Absolute minimum requirements for kegging?

    What is the absolute cheapest set up to get into kegging?
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    Powdery substance on bottlecaps

    I bottled my Barleywine this weekend. I had a handful of bottle caps that I had left in some StarSan in a bowl. The starsan had turned cloudy, so I removed the bottle caps and rinsed them in a Mason Jar with scalding hot water from my "always hot" tap. I then put them in another clean bowl...
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    Okay, It's been 68 hours....

    no signs of fermentation. Wheat beer. 6.6 lbs Coopers Wheat LME, 1 oz bittering hops, 1 oz finishing hops 1/3 oz irish moss. Wyeast 3068. I think I got a bad batch of yeast. Temps were correct at pitching.
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    Starter Vessel?

    Okay, I'm making the big jump. I'm going to start doing starters:fro: I see a lot of pictures in the gallery of folks using plastic juice bottles and other receptacles, and then of course, the professional chemistry vials. Is the vessel that the starter is made in critical to the...
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    I want to move to Jr. nOOb

    I have brewed 30 gallons so far, bottle 15 of those. All partial boil extract brews, all ales with room temp fermentation. I want to move to the next level. Here are some ideas: 1. Continue partial boil extract brews, move to kegging system. 2. Move to full boil brews, continue...
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    Full Boil questions - nOOb

    Would you use a full boil, even if you were just going to do a basic extract brew, or is the advantage only when you begin doing more advanced techniques?
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    Impact of additives on fermentation

    Hey!! I started 8 days ago and already have (3) primaries going. Brewed a batch of "Steam" beer yesterday, in which we used (2) cups of dextrose, irish moss, and another small packet of powder for "Body" (I know, I'm a dope, I forgot what it was called. Oh, ya. Maltodextrin). We used...
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    Bottling in Mason Jars

    Any reason not to use Mason Jars to bottle beer. Using new lids and threaded rings?
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    How many carboy's?

    How many carboy's do you have? How many primary fermentations are feasible at one time? Two seems very do-able (I just did my first on Saturday, no doubt in my mind I could have done two).