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  1. schoellhorn82

    Beers judged poorly but won 2nd place best of show

    Had an imperial stout and an ipa judged at around 25 points out of 50 in a private bjc competition but won 2nd place in best of show out of about 26 brewers last weekend. Anyone have something like this happen? Perfectionism in me is screaming as its my first competition ove entered
  2. schoellhorn82

    A lot of gas from mild malt

    Anyone experience excess flatulence from beers using British mild malt? Lol kind of gross but its only this beer that does it. The recipe is 13lb British mild malt and 15% of the grist a combo of crystal malts. I have an ipa with 20% crystal grist that doesnt do it so thats not it. The beer...
  3. schoellhorn82

    Scum floating on top of RO water collection

    I have been collecting my ro water the last few days and everytime i do in this seasoned aluminum pot, this scum keeps collecting at the top. Ive been able to collect some in a mesh strainer and it looks white and tastes like nothing. Any ideas what this could be? Fyi i have scrubbed and...
  4. schoellhorn82

    Jellas PH meter storage

    I am starting to get in to monitoring/adjusting my mash ph after i installed my RO tank. Getting used to the adjustments but my question is reallly about the storage of the meter. I have a Jellas (yellow) meter and the instructions do not say anything about storing the meter other than it will...
  5. schoellhorn82

    Is my pump food grade

    I have a Dayton 3wy83 circulating pump: http://www.drillspot.com/products/97910/Dayton_SM-1212-NHW-26_Circulator_Pump "The housing and impeller material is made of Noryl resin which is as the manufacturer states: The NORYL family of modified PPE resins consists of amorphous blends of...
  6. schoellhorn82

    Storing RO water for brew day

    So i just installed a 5 stage ro system and ill have to start collecting water the day before brew day this weekend. I am a newb with this so be easy. Isn't there something about changing the ph of the water if left to absorb co2 ? Is it suposed to be stored in airtight containers? I do have a...
  7. schoellhorn82

    Pellicle formed on yeast cake

    I'm not in to sour beers, never have been, never will be. I view a pellicle as an unwanted infection that I fear will contaminate future beers. I left a yeast cake under about an inch of beer for the last week. My plan was to use it again tomorrow to brew but yesterday noticed a pellicle forming...
  8. schoellhorn82

    Lager Troubles

    Every year I try an Oktoberfest that I try to resemble SA Oktoberfest. THis year is closer than last but I never can truely get that clean lager profile with that deep body. Fermentation: I temp control fermentation. Pitch correct yeast numbers, I warm pitch then cool to 55dF after...
  9. schoellhorn82

    WARNING! Gross Digestive discussion

    I love this time of year that Oktoberfest beers come out. Usually I drink hoppy ales throughout the year but his time its all Sam Adams Oktoberfest until I get sick of them. THe past few years however I've noticed that if i drink 3 (or more) the next morning its notthing but liquid bowel...
  10. schoellhorn82

    Killed my enzymes

    Trying our BIAB in the stove while hanging our with the kids. Walked away for about a min with heat on high. Needless to say after coming back and stirring the mash the temp was damned near 175dF. I hav a five gallon pot im using and had space for about another pound of grain that i added when...
  11. schoellhorn82

    Different types of alcohols present in fermentation

    So, I have really no background in chemistry and am looking for so knowledge of what actual types of alcohol are present in our fermented beverages (beer, wine...etc). Ethanol obviously and methanol in low concentrations, but when people talk about fusel alcohols, acetone, isopropyl and the...
  12. schoellhorn82

    pseudoscience medical thread

    So friends, since i started homebrewing about 8 years ago i have not been sick, aside from the random midwest allergy sinus infection funk that everyone gets. The last time I got a real sickness was a stomach flu shortly before that. I conformed that based on med records before my dates of...
  13. schoellhorn82

    Beer line Cooler help needed

    This is the first time I've tried to attach photos so bare with me. If they load, here is my set up. A bow that is 3/4in insulated around everything has a 115v circulating air from the keezer to the box, to the beer lines, then back to the keezer. The trouble i have is the keezer keeps frosting...
  14. schoellhorn82

    Kegorator Beer lines Exposed to surrounding air temp

    I have a kegorator that has 4 lines coming out the top and are exposed about 1 1/2 ft to the surrounding air before entering the taps that i have coming through the other side of my wall to my bar. My lines are 3/16 in ID and are aprrox. 8ft long. The system works great yet the foam is quite a...
  15. schoellhorn82

    Tasting phenomenon

    So. Sam Adams Oktoberfest is my favorite beer (purchased) of all time. It's like drinking a piece of toasted sweet bread. I took advantage of Sams Clubs prices and bought 4 cases. The first case was sublime, but every beer ive had afterwards have been sub par. Anyone experience this? Or is it...
  16. schoellhorn82

    Chloramine effects?

    So, I've been brewing for 7 or so years and i've made some excellent beers (that others have said). But....in all of those i dont think ive ever been blown away by my beers. My hoppy beers are hoppy, my malty beers are malty. But....i feel like something is not quite right with them. St. Louis...
  17. schoellhorn82

    Bottling before lagering?

    Situation: Kegged 20 gallons of Oktoberfest to lager at 35dF for a month or so. It was actually 21.5 gallon. I don't know how that happened (obliviously extra water) but i hit my OG. So I bottled the rest and am going to bottle condition for 2 weeks before lagering for a few weeks. Anyone...
  18. schoellhorn82

    Co2 Tank went dry out of nowhere

    I have a 20lb CO2 Tank that had dials reading full. I have used it for at least 8 kegs that was working fine. Poured a few beers on Tuesday and they were fine. Poured one last night- lines were dead flat. WTF! Anyone have an experience like this where tank just went flat out of nowhere?
  19. schoellhorn82

    Inline Water filter advice

    I am running a water line using PEX to my stove in my basement and would like to install a water filter that removes chloramine (st. louis water uses it instead of chlorine) from the water. What can i use that is easy to replace the filter? I'd like to use something that would filter to 1000s of...
  20. schoellhorn82

    2 Fold Question on PEX/BPA and using hot water from a tank vs using cold water

    I have a stove top that i use nat. gas to heat my strike water in my basement. I have to lift heavy buckets of hot tap water and carry over to the pot on my stove. So in my effort to always make my brewing days less work, i am considering running a water line over to the stove and fill up from...